What Is the Hard Knock Life TikTok Trend?

While on TikTok, losing track of time and being engrossed in mindless scrolling is easy. The platform houses countless videos covering a wide range of topics—even versions you’re not looking for (arguably the app’s best feature). TikTok, which debuted in China in 2016, has more than 100 million active monthly users in the United States and has been downloaded more than 2 billion times worldwide.

The app, for some reason, knows which videos to show users and when to show them. That insane algorithm has generated one of the best environments for viral trends to begin, and this is just among the technological changes that have transformed music.

TikTok’s popularity is due to more than just its algorithms. Music, filters, editing tools, and a wide range of video effects also assist users in creating short clips of up to 60 seconds in length that are shareable and entertaining. It’s even starting to incorporate features from other popular social media apps to become a true one-stop shop.

The social media app aims to provide a platform for creators to experiment with new types of social media content. Furthermore, it always determines how to adapt to the latest trend. TikTok has maintained its position at the forefront of incredibly funny memes and other social media content by incorporating new dances, sounds, and ideas from creators.

We’ve all seen viral stories, dances, skits, pranks, and challenges spread from TikTok to other media platforms; it can be taxing to keep tabs on everything. But don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. Discover the “Hard Knock Life” TikTok trend here.

TikTok Intuition Test or the “Hard Knock Life” Trend, What Is This Game?

Since its inception, the Tiktok Trend Intuition test has taken many forms. What is the Intuition Test challenge that has recently been going on?

Tiktok trends and challenges have been a key component of TikTok, and many have progressed beyond its basic concept. Throughout its history, the Intuition Test Tiktok challenge has changed many times, and many creators have attempted the Intuition Test Trend.

TikTok’s Intuition test has a straightforward meaning. People put their intuition to the test with others, and some videos are interactive.

The Test of Intuition Tiktok challenges was all about attempting to guess the correct answer. It was typically about predicting what colored stone the Tiktoker would grab or what color this object was that had been turned black and white by a filter.

The Intuition challenge then evolved into clapping in unison with your partner while keeping your eyes closed. You’d have to predict when your partner would clap their hands and match it with your own.

Finally, the most recent Intuition Test challenge requires you to match a friend’s hand gesture without looking. On Tiktok, the #Intuitiontest has already received a billion views.

What Is the Point of This New Game?

The most recent Tiktok Intuition Test challenge involves matching your partner’s hand gestures without looking.

Many creators use the autotuned version of “It’s a Hard Knock Life” and match hand signs to the beat of the music. Hand signs are typically just raised fingers to denote numbers. TikTok becomes more chaotic when some creators use bizarre hand gestures.

You can do the Intuition Test with two or more individuals, but the more participants, the more difficult the challenge. The challenge is fun to watch and even more fun to try yourself.

How To Do This Trend/Challenge?

The Hard Knock Life challenge is simple to complete, and you only need an extra partner. While closing your eyes, you can match your hand signs to the song’s rhythm.

The Intuition Test involves intuitively guessing and trying to match the number of fingers your partner raises. The challenges are designed to put your intuition and connection to the test. You can add custom hand gestures, but the challenge becomes more bizarre and difficult.

Dating in Your…

TikToker @jamiejukesuk uploaded the famous “It’s the Hard Knock Life” song from the musical Annie at the end of 2020. But he added a twist to it. Instead of generalizing about life, he used the tune to list all the problems people face when dating in their 30s.

He pretended that each problem was knocking him down. The trend began in May 2021. Users have now created countless renditions based on dozens of themes.

Other TikTok Challenges to Try

Make your event memorable by trying out the most popular TikTok challenges and trends to follow.

Track Stars

TikToker @cityboyj popularized Mooski’s “Track Star” by creating a TikTok dance challenge in January. Folks have taken the hit song and turned it into a runaway challenge months later. Users fix their camera’s timer to five to ten seconds. Then everyone rushes out of the shot before the clock strikes zero, and the camera snaps a shot.

The individuals in the photograph fail. It’s like playing hide-and-seek 2.0. The other track star challenge takes a photo to see who has run the furthest in three seconds.

I’ll Never Forget You

This flashback trend allows users to share beautiful memories from their past unexpectedly. It usually minimizes encounters with prominent celebrities by captioning the first part of the clip “to the person who,” revealing a picture or video clip that reveals the mysterious person is a well-known athlete, entertainer, or, in some cases, the father of their child. In any case, it’s a person they’ll never forget.

Passing the Phone

This challenge allows you to be either positive or shady. Someone begins with the phone and states, “I’m passing the phone to,” followed by a description of the person to whom they wish to pass the phone. That person then records themselves saying to whom they’ll pass the phone, typically with a lighthearted roast.

This goes on indefinitely. Shade and impersonations abound in the funniest videos.

VHS Filter

The VHS filter and the song “Hi Watermelon Sugar” equal cute nostalgia. Another TikTok trend that fixates on the past except that users aren’t displaying old videos of themselves from 1990, as they claim.

Instead, they use their children or younger relatives to recreate images of their younger selves. In any case, some of these parents copied and pasted themselves.

Sped Up “Laughing to the Bank”

When a TikToker named Ale, who goes by the handle @isthatobito, sped up the opening sequence to Chief Keef’s “Laughing to the Bank” and uploaded it to TikTok, he created a trending sound. The original sound was used in a Super Bowl commercial, but it’s now used as background music for the best evil laughs.

In the captions, users usually explain why they’re laughing. Then they shake their heads to the “ha ha ha” beat while holding their hands in front of their mouth.