What is Cisco Certified Internetwork Expert (CCIE certification)?

For elite networking experts who design, develop, instal, maintain, and troubleshoot sophisticated enterprise networking infrastructures, Cisco offers a series of technical certifications called the CCIE.

Collaboration, data centre, routing and switches, security, phone company, and wireless are among the six distinct series, or tracks, that make up the CCIE certification programme.

The CCIE credential programme was introduced by Cisco in 1993, and changes are frequently made. CCIE certification is held by less than 3percent in terms of Cisco engineers, or less than 1% of all connectivity specialists globally.

While there aren’t any formal prerequisites, preparing for the CCIE standards can take a candidate 18 months and cost them thousands of dollars. Candidates for the CCIE certification must successfully pass the lab exam on their first attempt within 18 months of completing the written exam. If they fail, they must retake and pass the exam within 30 days.

Specialised certificates

Collaboration for CCIE

There is CCIE Collaboration for architects and engineers that specialise in voice, video, and unified communications. Both a two-hour written exam in Cisco Enterprise Networking and an eight-hour lab exam are required of candidates. Integration, issues, and setup are a few of the topics discussed.

Data Center CCIE

The CCIE Data Center exam should be taken by professionals who are involved in infrastructure design, planning, and execution. Candidates must pass a two-hour written exam on data centre infrastructure prior to completing a two-hour timed lab exam that measures their ability to diagnose and troubleshoot complicated data centre topologies.

CCIE Switching and Routing

Aspirants must successfully complete a seven lab establishing routing and switching devices after taking a written exam on networking principles. It is intended for mechanical engineers.

Security CCIE

The CCIE Security certification enables engineers to architect, engineer, and troubleshoot Cisco security systems. For the lab exam, engineers have eight hours to construct a secure network.

Wireless CCIE

Candidates for this certification must successfully complete an eight-hour lab constructing wireless networks, which tests their understanding of wireless local area networks (Lpwan) and the theoretical foundations of wireless connections.

Options for CCIE education

Participants for the CCIE cert have a range of study alternatives, including independent study groups, solo study, and enrollment in the Cisco 360 Learning Program, which is the only Tcp training programme for both the expert-level credentials.

Service Provider for CCIE

Students must successfully complete an eight-hour network engineers-only lab that involves configuring equipment for service providers.

Advantages of a CCIE

Since the CCIE is one of the most respected qualifications in the networking industry, engineers who desire to expand their career opportunities are recognised as having a certification as a technological edge. The CCIE certification has practical applications, and holders frequently get the chance to become recognised experts in their disciplines. The CCIE certification is seen by some engineers as a personal challenge that will enable them to demonstrate their networking knowledge at a level that is accepted by the industry.

CCIE cost

Each attempt at the SPOTO CCIE Lab and Practical Exam costs $1,600. The cost of travel and housing is not covered. Candidates may take the lab exams at nine locations across the world that Cisco maintains, including two in the United States: San Jose, California, and the area around Raleigh, North Carolina. Additionally, it provides mobile labs for specific certifications.

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