Vinyl Banner Printing Mistakes Print Shops Need to Be Alert About

Vinyl advertising banners have proved extremely popular for small businesses owners and event organizers because of their several advantages. These banners are versatile, can be used indoors and outdoors, can be mounted in many ways, can be easily customized, and above all, affordable by even the smallest of businesses. However, mistakes in the design and printing of the banners can lead to sub-optimal results and prevent you from obtaining the maximum ROI. Some of the top mistakes by print shops highlighted:

Not Proofreading Before Going into Print

When juggling with the text to make it crisp, compelling, and readable, it is all too easy to make grammatical and spelling mistakes, which you simply cannot spot yourself. To ensure your banner is not printed with grievous errors that can make your business or brand look unprofessional and careless, you should get the banner contents proofread by different people. You must focus on getting the punctuation right, as the meaning can change drastically if you get them wrong. You must pay special attention to words in capital letters as it is all too easy to get them wrong. You must double-check phone numbers and email addresses. As per Forbes, you should check the website URLs. You must test whether the text is legible from the typical distance from where people will view the banner.

Use Typefaces and Fonts Wisely

It is vital to keep in mind that the target audience will view the vinyl banners from a distance in an environment that is cluttered and full of distractions. It is, therefore, necessary to make it easy for people to notice the banner, read, and understand its contents at a glance even as they go about their business. It is a good idea to avoid delicate typefaces with embellishments. They do not necessarily reproduce well on the vinyl and are also very difficult to read from a distance as they look messy. Using simple and bold typefaces in a large font size makes it easier for people to read and get the message. You must make sure that the text is readable from the distance people will normally see them. You can also check out here why saddle stitched booklet is considered to be more practical and affordable, yet the quality remains superb, as compared to other binding techniques.

Ignoring the Necessity of Including Bleed in the Design

You need to incorporate bleed in your design, especially if it has graphics that extend to one or both ends of the banner. There are two functions of adding bleed in the design. The first is that it allows the printer to align properly when printing, does not leave white strips at the ends after finishing and ensures that nothing vital cuts chopped off when the print is being finished for display. A faulty print will need you to repeat the exercise, leading to wastage of time, effort, and money.


Even though one can understand the reason for the reluctance to use higher-quality materials and printing machines for your vinyl advertising banners because of the higher cost, it is more than compensated by the better quality of reproduction and durability. These banners are curl-free, which means you can keep using them for years altogether without any adverse impact.