Types of Football Bets: The Best Opportunities

Today we are going to analyze the different types of bets on football that you can make to know which one is best for you according to your profile as a bettor.We will also give you some tips to distinguish the best opportunities for each bet and make them more profitable.

Types of Bets on Football: 1X2

This bet is also known as final result like “더킹카지노” and consists of choosing one of the three final results of the match: team 1 win, team 2 win or draw.In bookmakers, team 1 is regularly played at home, team 2 as a visitor and X for the draw.

The 1X2 is one of the easiest bets to understand in football, but it is not that easy to win due to the number of factors that influence the game, compared to other bets.

Double Bet

Here you can bet on two of the three possible outcomes in a soccer match. This type of bet considerably increases your chances of winning in exchange for a reduced fee. Bets can be on a draw or home, draw or away, and away and home.

Over / under bet of 2.5 goals

In Over and under bets, you bet on a higher or lower number of goals. Normally you bet on more or less two goals per game.If you bet on more than two goals then your bet will be an Over 2.5, but if you bet on less than two goals then it will be an Under 2.5.

Bet without a draw (Draw no bet)

This bet is similar to 1X, only here you will not lose if the match ends in a draw. If you see a tie, the bookmaker will return the money you bet.The best time to use this bet is when you are very sure that one of the teams has no chance of winning, but you want to ensure a possible tie.

Bet on rest and the final result

This bet is divided into two sections: first you will have to guess who will be the team with the most goals during the first half, and then who will be the winner in the second half.

The bet is complicated, because to win you will need to get both predictions right. We recommend using this bet in matches where the skills of the teams are uneven or where a team shows a tendency to score in the second or first half.

Live betting

Live betting is the most fun, but also very difficult to predict. We recommend doing them once you have experience in how the system works and the odds in online sportsbooks.A live bet is made when the event or match is being played, so the odds are constantly changing according to the situations that occur during the match.

Here the secret is to realize the opportunities in the fluctuations of the odds to find safe bets or to take advantage of an unusual situation.

Betting on the top scorer of the match

As the name implies, this bet is about guessing which player will score the most goals during the match.This option is offered in almost all sports betting houses and you can even bet on who scores the first goal or the minute it will be scored. But before making your selection, check the terms and conditions of the house for this type of bets, because on some occasions the bookmakers usually require that the player is not a starter.

Handicap bet

Handicap bets are straightforward bets where the team with the lowest odds of winning is given an advantage to balance the odds. The advantage is usually given by adding goals to the least favorite or subtracting goals from the favorite.For example, let’s say your bet has a handicap of -2. This means that your team must win by at least 3 goals difference for you to win the bet.

Bet on the exact result

Here you must predict the exact final mark in order to win the bet. Because it is a very risky bet, its profitability is just as high. Do not place this bet unless you have a lot of experience and knowledge about the teams playing the game.

Now you know what types of football bets are the most common and the best in terms of benefit – risk.