Top Tips To Stop Your Hair From Getting Constantly Tangled

Pulling your brush through your hair and hitting a knot isn’t just painful, it can pull hairs out of your head and ruin your hairstyle. It’s also distressing as you have more hair coming out of your head than you are happy with. In addition, it increases the time it takes to get ready.

The longer your hair is the more likely it is that you’ll experience tangles, especially if you’re out in the wind. The last thing you want to do is spend hours detangling your hair. The good news is that you don’t need to.

Start With The Right Brush

Everyone has different hair and that’s why there are so many different brushes on the market. It’s worth looking for a dedicated detangling comb or brush. They will make life easier, all you have to do is move it gently through your hair in sections and it can eliminate many of the tangles for you without pulling out your hair.

In fact, even if you don’t suffer from tangles it’s worth investing in a detangling comb.

Brush Before You Get It Wet

Wet hair is heavier and more likely to break. If you have tangles then the additional weight is likely to make the tangle worse and increase the strain on your scalp. In short, your hair will be even more knotted and painful to untangle.

But, if you brush your hair before you get it wet, you’ll ensure there are no existing tangles, dramatically reducing the likelihood of tangles after your hair wash.

Use Conditioner

There are various opinions regarding how often you should use a conditioner. However, if your hair is prone to tangles it’s a good idea to add conditioner to your shower routine.

You’ll want to choose a natural conditioner that doesn’t contain chemicals. This will ensure it doesn’t damage your hair. Conditioner is a little heavier than shampoo, helping to prevent your hair from getting tangled, even when wet. The conditioner will also add moisture to your hair, helping it to stay healthy and looking great.

Dry Carefully

If you’ve washed your hair and rubbed it dry with a towel you’re going to create tangles. Instead of rubbing it, try covering your head with a towel and leaving it to absorb the moisture. It’s particularly effective if you use a microfibre towel.

This removes the moisture without creating tangles and makes it easier for you to style it.

You should note, if you use heat styling tools it’s advisable to invest in ones with adjustable temperature settings. Using the lowest setting possible reduces the chances of damaging your hair.

Put Your Hair Up

When you go to bed you will toss and turn more than you may think. It’s surprising how much people move in their sleep. Every time you turn your head you’ll create friction between your hair and the pillow. This friction increases the likelihood of tangles and other hair damage.

To prevent it, put your hair up and use a silk pillowcase.