Top 10 Must-Have Drink Koozies for Summer 2021

Did you know that since the pandemic, alcohol purchases and consumption have risen dramatically? No doubt, this past year took its toll on all of us.

But now we can finally make up for the summer we lost back in 2020. What better way to beat the heat than with a cool beverage? Kick back and unwind by the pool or on the patio with these amazing drink koozies below to keep your drinks looking and feeling cool this summer. 

1. BruMate Hopsulator Trio

The Hopsulator Trio has three different functions. For starters, the creators designed this koozie to fit most 12-ounce cans.

Next, the trio comes with a lid. Yes, you can turn this handy tool from a koozie to a cup at a moment’s notice! The Hopsulator Trio boasts an internal copper layer that holds the chill in so the summer heat doesn’t ruin your favorite drink. 

2. Yeti Koozie

Yeti holds net sales of nearly $90 million. There is a reason why the brand is so popular. It is because every design is of high quality.

And that includes their koozies. Yeti products come with double insulation to keep drinks cold. Not only that, but Yeti designs all of its products to take damage when heading outdoors. So, your Yeti koozie will likely not chip during all of your summer fun. 

3. Brumate Slim Can Cooling Drink Koozies 

The Slim can koozie is for all of the White Claw and hard seltzer drinkers out there. The BruMate also makes slim can koozies to ensure your favorite seltzer stays fresh and bubbly. Plus, you have about 30 different color choices. 

4. Coleman Lounger

Okay, so we know that brand name koozies like Yeti can be pricey. The Coleman Lounger beats that with a budget price and a design that still keeps your drinks chilled. Not only that, but this koozie is rubber, so you won’t slip and drop your beverage. 

5. Coolie Drinks

If you drink energy drinks or sodas, the Coolie personalized drink koozies are here to help. These fun, customizable designs are handy for fitting most Red bull can dimensions & other 8oz drinks

6. Current Co. Cooler Sleeves

If you want to opt for a mesh drink koozie design, these Cooler sleeves are for you. They fit a 12-ounce slim can and give a money-back guarantee if they don’t work. 

7. BottleKeeper

Do you enjoy hiking or paddleboarding while drinking an ice-cold beer? The BottleKeeper is there to ensure you don’t break your bottle and leave glass all over the place. They are hard shell drink koozie coolers that provide maximum shock absorption just in case it topples over. 

8. Kolder

For all you college sports fans out there, the Kolder is perfect. It works just like a normal koozie. The main difference is that Kolder allows you to add customizations so you can sip and represent your team with pride. 

9. Lazy Dog

The Lazy Dog koozie is a zip-up sleeve that wraps around standard beer bottles. That makes it is easy to pop another bottle in when you are ready for the next round. 

10. Java Sok

Who doesn’t love a refreshing iced coffee? While cold coffee or tea drinks are go-to during the summer, the ice tends to melt fast once the sun is in the sky. Not only does Java Sok keep your coffee cold, but it protects your furniture from condensation and rings. 

For More Drink Koozies and Summer Fun 

As you can tell, there are countless drink koozies designed to keep your favorite beverage cool the entire summer. We hope this article helps you choose koozies for drinks.

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