Three Great Celebrity Fueled Accessory Trends for Summer 2023

Fashion is fickle.

In terms of the fashion industry and many other fields, it’s not what you know; it’s who you know. Often we are told what is fashionable, what trends to keep up with, and how to get hold of those must-have items, and it’s common for large brands and players in the fashion world to look to celebrities to help build interest and exposure of certain fads, styles, and items, it’s a sure-fire way to get eyes on their product, and it works every time.

Often celebrities are more than just the conduit for fashion trends; they are willing A-Lister mannequins to draw in the general public, and in 2023 there are many great accessory styles that are popular partly because a Hollywood star or TV personality has been seen wearing them on the red carpet, on a catwalk or just snapped by the paparazzi on their way to the gym.

Here, to illustrate the point, are a number of essential accessories that are proving hugely popular due in no small part to the celebrity endorsement they have received, deliberate or otherwise.

Personalized Jewelry

The area of custom-made jewelry is buzzing right now and has been on an upward trajectory for the best part of two years.

The fact that stars and personalities as diverse as Rihanna and Kate Middleton are very much fans has helped expand the market in all directions.

We are big fans, and as a sense of the breadth of options here, check out these cool gold name necklaces as possible accessory directions you could choose to go in. The dual benefits of a luxury item such as jewelry with the statement value of the personalized aspect are clear to see, and it’s the type of accessory that will give your outfit a real boost.


As with a number of current trends, this one is very much a nod to the 90s, and it’s proving very popular right now, and that’s due to the fact that a number of big celebs can’t get enough of them.

These include Ariana Grande and Lily-Rose Depp, who both choose to adopt this trend with their own twist. Some choker trends are very much steeped in a retro vibe, but you’ll find many fashion outlets, online and in physical stores, looking to cover this with a new slant.

This is an excellent example of how accessory trends will look to borrow from the past while adding something new to keep the look as fresh as possible.

Boots for Days and Days

One accessory that will keep some of us up for days comes in the form of your choice of footwear. The array of options in this field is seemingly never-ending, and one big trend for the summer of 2023 is over-the-knee boots.

Gigi Hadid and others are championing the long boot, and it’s easy to see why. These work on many levels. You can choose to go classical and formal or mix things up by pairing them up with a fun, down-to-earth, and playful style.

Other big fans of boots that go on for days are the likes of Taylor Swift, model Irina Shayk, and Harry Potter actress Emma Watson.

Why Accessories Should Be Your Fashion Staple and Starting Point

Too many of us only give our accessory selections a brief bit of thought, but in many ways, they should represent the backbone of our outfit choices. This goes for bags, shoes, jewelry, and a host of other additions that make your ensemble really work.

By looking for accessories to build up your look, you can also better manage your fashion budget. For instance, you may have an overstocked wardrobe that includes items that you’ve rarely, if ever, worn.

Perhaps this is because you’ve had second thoughts about a bold choice or seen a trend go past its sell-by date. This is where accessories can actually breathe fresh life into your existing collection.

Always go for accessories that are versatile; this adds even more weight to their value, and you should try to consider just how effective a chosen accessory will be with a range of your favorite clothing items; this will make every acquisition genuinely worthy.