The Ultimate Guide to Live Dealer Games: Reviews and Where to Play

Live dealer games bridge the gap between land-based and online casinos by giving you the chance to play with other players, as well as having a real dealer to host the game. There are loads of games on offer from both renowned and independent providers. You can play live variations of popular table games like roulette, craps and baccarat, as well as live game shows that bring a completely fresh experience to the table.

So, what is the best way to familiarise yourself with these games and ultimately pick one to play? Well, our guide to live dealer games tells you all about what these games have to offer and even walks you through the sort of coverage you get through game reviews. You’ll be playing the very best live dealer games out there, in no time at all. 

What Are Live Dealer Games?

With online casinos, operators and game providers quickly capitalised on the potential to bring together players from all around the globe and have them participate together in popular games. Sure, certain genres like video slots are specifically built as a solo experience, following the same structure that slot machines had at land-based casinos.

But table games are generally enjoyed with other players and a real dealer. There’s a social interaction there that forms a core part of the game’s overall enjoyment. So, while table games can still be enjoyed on your own, developers came up with a setup that replicates a land-based experience. Through high quality, live video streaming and a set of chat and social interaction options, they came up with live casino games.

You get a live dealer hosting a game, generally from a real casino and their feed is streamed to players around the world. With live casino games, you can join a table, place bets, interact with the dealer and watch the action unfold, just like you would at a brick-and-mortar casino. After the success of table games in this live setup, providers looked into creating new games that followed the same structure, leading to live game shows that break the mould and offer fresh and unique experiences.

Live Table Games

Although popular casino games like blackjack, poker and roulette can be enjoyed well enough on your own, a solo version of the game gives you a very different experience. So, if you’re hoping to get as close as possible to the original experience, from the comfort of your own home, you’re better off playing one of the live casino versions.

You’ll find live versions of practically all the popular table games you can think of. From baccarat to Sic Bo, roulette and even Indian favourites like Andar Bahar and Teen Patti. These games usually run on a 24/7 basis, with different live dealers shuffling, handing out cards and revealing outcomes. You get different variations of these games too, with some offering more traditional gameplay, while others push for innovation through bonus mechanics like win multipliers, multi-hand play and more.

Live Game Shows

Live table games can be the perfect solution for players who enjoy standard online casino games. But with this new live-streaming opportunity, developers have come up with brand new games that either build on existing casino games or create completely original titles.

They’re aptly called live game shows since you similarly get a live host (or hosts) who guides you through every step of the game. You’ll similarly need to place a bet and hope to get lucky. Some are original games like Crazy Time, Dream Catcher and Funky Time, while others adapt existing board games, video slots and game shows like Monopoly Live, Deal or No Deal Live and Sweet Bonanza Candyland.

Live Dealer Game Reviews

Whether you’re a new player looking to try out live casino games for the very first time or an experienced veteran with loads of experience, game reviews help you find the right live dealer game to play. You’ll find loads of sites offering opinions and analysis of what popular live casino games have to offer, telling you all about their features and win potential, giving you all you need to decide if they’re ultimately worth your while.

Make sure you find a review site that aligns with your taste. Some might give you generic feedback on games, whereas others might focus on specific aspects that these titles have to offer. They can review through the lens of a high-roller, a roulette enthusiast or someone with a knack for live game shows.

Always be sure to read unbiased reviews and look for the following traits that can help you make up your mind.

Game Providers

The best way to tell if a game is legitimate and fair is by its game provider. Reviews will tell you all about who is behind the title, highlighting the developer’s experience (or lack of) within the genre. Providers like Evolution Gaming, Pragmatic Play Live and Ezugi are some of the most popular developers out there, having created loads of brilliant live casino games and game shows.

You also get loads of great small developers out there, so don’t go thinking you have to stick to the big names we’ve just mentioned. Online casinos tend to have games from both industry giants as well as more low-level, independent developers, so you’ll likely get the chance to experience both at your casino of choice. Good live dealer game reviews will be sure to highlight any issues related to the providers behind a live game.


Given the live nature of these games, their popularity (or lack of) is likely to affect their general availability. Providers will happily continue to support titles that have loads of players logging in daily, but they might just as easily pull the plug on games that don’t get all that much traffic. So, live dealer games can ultimately prove to be harder to find than their solo counterparts.

Reviews can give you a better understanding of how available the game is, both in terms of the online casinos that support it, as well as the hours during which it is available. They’ll generally offer links to online casinos that offer the game in question.

Special Features and Payout Potential

Most live casino games stick to the traditional table gameplay we’re all used to, but in some cases, they add new and exciting features that can completely change the way you strategise and play. Reviews highlight these features, telling you all about any win multipliers, alternative betting systems and useful functions that live games might bring to the table. Although luck is ultimately the deciding factor in these games, some reviews might even offer you suggestions on how to manage your bankroll.

They’ll also point out a game’s win potential, giving you a better idea of what you potentially stand to win. Reviews give you clear statistics about a game’s minimum and maximum bet levels, as well as the sort of paytable wins you can get should things go in your favour. Some reviews are specifically geared towards players with bigger budgets, so they’ll judge a game based on how enjoyable it can be for players who want to place more funds on the line.

Social Features

One of the biggest additions that comes with live dealer games is the ability to interact with the dealer and players. A live dealer game review points out the different available features, including live video streaming, as well as chat options with both the dealer and other players. They’re generally simple to use, placing you right in the middle of the action and allowing you to socialise with everyone involved in the game.

Some games even go a step further, allowing you to watch other people’s games, while also interacting with them through live chat. In these cases, you can generally wager on the players too, so your luck will be tied to their own.

Picking the Best Place to Play Live Dealer Games

Love them or hate them, live dealer games are a unique way to enjoy online casino games. And it’s that very uniqueness that makes them harder to judge. With a solo game like a video slot, gameplay will always be the same, regardless of who’s playing or when they decide to play. It’s a set structure that never changes.

But with live games, there are so many more factors to consider. Their advanced technicalities make them more prone to bugs and issues. The experience can also change considerably based on the specific dealer that’s hosting the game or the players themselves.

Live dealer game reviews offer a wider insight into these titles, as they’re generally written by reviewers who have tested the game multiple times to gauge how well it performs. They can give you a better understanding of what these games offer and help you pick the ones that suit your taste. You can visit Master of Casinos to find out the latest game reviews and more.