The Future of Shopping Culture: How concept stores are empowering consumers

SITU LIVE is the Home of Innovation, providing an immersive consumer experience like no other. When stepping into the venue at Westfield London, visitors are taken on an interactive journey to discover the latest in innovation while offering a hassle-free route to purchase.

SITU LIVE’s business model illustrates that situational product sampling is riding the crest of a wave. The goal is to utilise the value of human connection and social experience to deliver an unrivalled, customer-focused retail experience.

When visitors enter the store, they are met with innovative products that they can interact with. Through clever staging, SITU LIVE brings together vibrant experiential theatres that are curated with content that is based on the latest trends.

From improving fitness levels to bettering sleep quality, SITU LIVE’s display products showcase real-life solutions to some of our most pressing issues. But what makes SITU LIVE tick? The key is in product sampling.

The conventional retail experience is about shopping with your eyes. SITU LIVE’s focus on situational product sampling is transformational, focusing on discovery and exploration through live performance.

On hand is an expert team ready to offer advice and insight into every product in the space, with product demonstrations at the heart of the entire retail offer. For instance, in the kitchen space, SITU LIVE demonstrations feature freshly prepared food and drink for customers to try.

The focus is very much on touch, feel, and experience, rather than traditional window shopping, where looking is encouraged and touching is very much discouraged.

If a customer is drawn to a product that appeals to them, they can scan its QR code and purchase it as and when they like. The entire transaction is seamless from enquiry to checkout.

In short, as SITU LIVE exemplifies, product sampling is a transformative way to showcase innovative products and the discovery playhouse model provides a truly immersive and innovative customer experience.