The Different Aromas and Flavors of CBD Flowers

Did you know that the Agriculture Improvement Act of 2018 legalized the use of CBD as long as its THC is less than 0.3%?

Since then CBD has grown in popularity and there are plenty of options when it comes to terpene tastes. There is everything from tart flavors to sweet flavors.

How can you figure out which flavors you like the best?

We have put together this short list of top CBD flowers along with their flavors and aromas. Keep reading to learn more!

Skywalker OG

This CBD flower is a very popular choice among CBD enthusiasts. This flower is a hybrid between the Skywalker strain and the OG Kush strain. Skywalker OG is one of the strongest OG Kush strains which equates to a stronger smoking experience.

The aromas and flavors for this strain are categorized under “bold.” A bold categorization means you will get a full-bodied taste and aroma. Skywalker OG is sourced in the United States and it is considered 100% natural.

We recommend buying wholesale to save money if you are planning on long-term use of this CBD flower.


Elektra’s flower is a really dark green color making it almost silver-looking. The aroma you can expect from Elektra is sweet citrus mixed with chocolate. This is considered a powerful strain because of the high percentage of CBD.

If you are not a fan of feeling drowsy after smoking CBD then, Elektra is a good choice because it is Sativa dominant. This means that you can smoke it throughout the day without feeling sleepy.

Hawaiian Haze

This is another CBD flower strain that is Sativa-dominant, which will not make you feel drowsy and tired. Hawaiian Haze has a fruity aroma and the flower buds themselves are light and airy.

It is enjoyed by many because of the fruity aroma mixed with the calming but non-drowsy effects.

Sour Diesel

Although this CBD flower has less than 15% CBD, it has a fast-acting effect. Since Sour Diesel has plenty of terpenes it can be consumed with a dry-herb vape or it can be smoked the traditional way. The flower bud itself has a slight orange tint and the color is on the lighter side.

The taste of this flower is an all-natural full-bodied flavor. It is considered a nostalgic strain because it has been around for quite some time now since it was the original strain bred to have minimal THC.

Feeling Like a Pro When It Comes to CBD Flowers?

Now that you are aware of the top CBD flowers available, you can make an informed decision before you choose the right flower for you.

You might even want to try more than one from the list above to compare them. Another option is CBD edibles and topicals of the above strains if you do not want to always smoke CBD.

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