The Best Ways to Cool A Room and Keep It All Day Long

A cool and comfortable room temperature certainly will make everyone want to just stay inside rather than go out. It can be the ultimate way to make your house the best place to come home to for all family members. On top of that, the right room temperature can also raise the productivity and enthusiasm of the people in the house.

One thing that can be very useful to utilize to make sure the room temperature is comfortable all the time is by using an air conditioner. But unfortunately, not many people understand how to maximize the potential of using air conditioners. Thus, most of the time they can’t achieve the proper room temperature they desire, and they end up trying to make the air conditioner work extra hard by setting up the temperature at its lowest. If this happens continuously, it won’t be long until the air conditioner finally breaks down!

Common Causes of Heat Inside the Room

There are several reasons that can make your room temperature can’t cool down even though you have been using an air conditioner. The first reason could be because the outside temperature is scorchingly hot. The outdoor temperature will greatly impact the indoor room temperature because the sun’s heat can penetrate the walls and glass of your room, causing the temperature to rise and warm up.

The second reason can be due to the strong light intensity. Sunlight or lamplight emits heat energy. Thus, if your room has sunlight and light for a long time, the temperature inside will also rise as a result.

How To Keep the Room Temperature Cool All Day Long

For those of you who often experience problems with inconsistent temperatures, let’s take a look at these 4 easy tips to keep the room temperature cool for a long time.

Install the Air Conditioner Properly

This is the first and foremost reason that you should take care of right away when purchasing an air conditioner. You need to make sure that you search for the best aircon installation sg that can help you to install the air conditioner accurately. With the appropriate and right installation, you will get optimal cooling from an air conditioner. And on the contrary, if it is not done correctly, you will not get the optimal cooling effect.

Moreover, a bad installation will also cause continuous air conditioning problems. Thus, you should be mindful of how to install your air conditioner properly. Don’t opt to install it by yourself to save some money, because rather than saving money – you might be exposing yourself to unnecessary expenses!

Don’t open the door for too long when the AC is turned on

Opening the room door wide when the air conditioner is turned on can cause the cool air released by the air conditioner to flow out.  As much as possible when you use air conditioning, make sure there are no gaps such as open windows or open doors that allow air to escape from the room. This is even more so if you notice that the outside air is very hot. Because likewise, hot air can also enter the room and thus affect the room temperature.

By closing the gap and not opening the door wide for too long, the temperature in the room can stay cool all day long. Thus, you don’t have to bother to lower the temperature on your air conditioner.

Cover the window with curtains

As mentioned above, sunlight can also be one of the causes that emit heat inside a room. Thus, if your room has a window that allows sunlight with moderate to high intensity to enter the room, this will affect the temperature in the room.

Even when you use the air conditioner, if bright sunlight enters the room, the temperature of your room will adjust and become warmer as a result. If you intend to make the room cool during the day, it’s a good idea to use curtains or window blinds no drilling to block the sunlight from entering the room.

Be mindful of your lamplight choice

Because lamplight also produces heat, if you want to make your room temperature cool and last all the time – you can try to reduce the intensity of the lights in your room. Dim lights can make you sleep better at night, and at the same time can be effective in making the atmosphere and air in the room feel cooler. You can also use energy-saving lamps so they don’t emit intense heat when they are used throughout the day.

Lower the air conditioner temperature gradually

If you use an air conditioner but do not feel satisfied with the current temperature and would like to make the room cooler – you can try to lower the air conditioner temperature gradually.  Lowering the temperature of the air conditioner gradually can make the air temperature adapt and adjust so that the room can be cool for a long time throughout the day.

These are the ultimate tips that you can do to keep your room temperature cool. By utilizing these tips that we have provided, you will get the benefit of cool room temperature without any difficulty!