The best songs dedicated to cars

This list should have been born sometime, and it is here. Today we have put together the most interesting songs dedicated to cars in one list. The two spheres rarely overlap, but often serve as a source ofinspiration for each other. While car companies hire composers to create the sound of electric cars, musicians dedicate songs to cars, confess their love to them, sing about the pleasure of owning an iron monster and even put themselves in their place. Today we will talk about them.

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If you start looking for songs dedicated to cars, or just on automotive topics or the price of the cars, you will find that the vast majority are written about American cars, as a rule, about the famous Muscle cars.

Metallica — Fuel

Let’s start with Metallica’s main automotive hit — Fuel. This is a hymn to speed and classic muscle cars that love straight wide roads, absorb fuel like tankers, force everyone at traffic lights to swallow their abundant exhaust and look as cool as Vin Diesel was in “Fast and Furious”. The clip adds fuel to the fire, showing wild races through the night streets and smoke from under the wheels.

Johnny Cash — The General Lee

It’s about a specific 1969 orange Dodge Charger, with welded doors, the number 01 on the sides and the Confederate flag on the roof. The track was recorded in 1981, and Johnny Cash presents himself as a famous car, repeating “I’m the best pal the Duke boys’ ever had / I’m thunder on the highway looking bad, bad, bad”. Almost every line is connected with the adventures of the hapless brothers and their orange and dangerous assistant. Brutal, handsome, powerful and invincible, he’s a really bad guy. One of the versions managed to accelerate to 320 km/h for the first time in the history of NASCAR. Another interesting fact is that the car is listed in the Guinness Book of Records as the most dangerous in the world: 8 people crashed on it on the first day of sales.

Placebo — Monster Truck

Now about specific vehicles. The summer of 2019 marked the 10th anniversary of the album Placebo — Battle for the Sun, one of the versions of which included the track Monster Truck. Who doesn’t know, Monster Truck is “a car, as a rule, stylized as a pickup truck, modified or specially built with very large wheels, suspension with a large stroke and a very powerful engine.” In the song, the girl of the lyrical hero has a specific character. “She doesn’t want a Mercedes or a shiny sports car, a Bentley or a BMW. My baby wants a Monster Truck!” Molko shouts unbalanced, emphasizing the character of the girl and the car.

Arctic Monkeys — The World’s First Ever Monster Truck Front Flip

Let’s continue the topic of big cars. The track itself has little in common with monster trucks, but by its name it has immortalized the most important event in the world of motorsport and the life of every self-respecting redneck: the world’s first front flip on this monster.

Queen — I’m In Love With My Car

I’m In Love With My Car is a song by the British Queen, included in the album A Night at the Opera. This is the only song by drummer Roger Taylor on the album, so it’s not surprising that it has its own character. Taylor dedicated the song to all motorists and his Alfa Romeo, although the inspiration for the song was Jonathan Harris’ love for his Triumph TR4 roadster. And this is one of the few European examples of songs about cars.