Whatever Happened to Hanson?

Hanson (band) in 2013

There was a time in the 90s when the radio couldn’t live without playing the Hanson brothers. The band was such a hit that everyone played them in their office, home, cars, etc. However, it has been a while since we have heard anything from the Hanson brothers musically. Their first song … Read more

Ray Charles and His Influence on Pop Culture

Ray Charles performing live

A legendary artist and musician of the ‘50s, Ray Charles is often credited with pioneering the soul music genre. Often called the “Father of Soul,” he combined jazz, blues, and gospel to create groundbreaking hits like “Unchain my Heart,” “Georgia on my Mind,” and “Hit the Road Jack.”  Charles was blinded as … Read more

Types of Speakers throughout History

Latest speakers are highly elegant in terms of design and mechanism. 

If we imagine a life without speakers, it would sound so odd (pun intended). Speakers have helped us in numerous ways by aiding in creating mega sounds, large volume output, and assisting in listening. Modern speakers are one of the most sophisticated ones but this hasn’t been the case always. The different … Read more

David Bowie’s Influence on Music, Pop Culture and Society

David Bowie

David Bowie is a complex artist, and a complex human being. It’s not easy to pigeonhole him as an entertainer, and he has been an iconic musician ever since. His decades-spanning career and musical reinventions have shaped today’s pop music landscape deeply. His legacy can be traced even in artists whose music … Read more

How Dead Song writers Like Michael Jackson Still Earn Millions

How Dead Songwriters Like Michael Jackson Still Earn Millions

Forbes collects a list of the highest-earning dead celebrities each year, consisting of several icons whose legacies extend far beyond their mortal lives. And every year, two names never fail to be part of the list, and they are always on top. Who are they? No other than the King of Rock … Read more

Learn About the Fascinating Era of the Superstar Radio Disc Jockeys

an old vintage radio

Today, people have a lot of ways to listen to their favorite songs. It can be through different paid apps that can be downloaded on their computers, tablets, and smartphones, which will enable you to stream countless songs from different artists and bands. But before, people can only listen to their favorite … Read more

What Was the Era of Instrumentals?

people in blurry faces playing violin in a classical concert

Someone passionate about music would say, “I cannot live without music!” Without music, life will never be as fun, rhythmic, melodic, and meaningful as it is today. Music is not just unique sounds produced by various instruments, but it plays a significant role in shaping identities and societies. They are embedded in … Read more