Social Phenomenon of the Vinyl Record

What was once a trend always seems to come back around. We’ve seen it time and time again. From flare jeans, or as they used to call them, ‘bell bottoms’, to volumized hair, these trends were once a phenomenon, died out, and are now circulating again and being coined as ‘retro.’

But these retro trends don’t just stop at clothing, one trend that’s made a comeback in the last year is the vinyl record. In fact, vinyl record sales surpassed CD sales for the first time since 1986, last year. So why the sudden interest in vinyl in the age of digital?

Listening to music has become more digitized throughout the years. From carrying around CD players, then transforming to MP3s, now we can listen from our own cell phones. Technology has even allowed us to download music onto our smart watches so we can leave our phones at home while out on a run.

However, digital music is convenient for on the go. Vinyl records are more of a sensation within one’s home. From being a statement piece to showing off a collection of vintage records mixed with new releases, vinyl records have turned into a social phenomenon.

In the age of Tiktok, it’s easy to see how many Gen Zers are hopping on the vinyl trend to add to their eclectic image.  Crossing over to other social platforms, many are using vinyl record shops as a background of Instagram photoshoots and there are Facebook groups for finding and selling records.

And while we have been talking about vinyl records just being a trend to spruce up a room and a conversation, any music fanatic will tell you that the sound of a vinyl record is just incomparable. So whether you’ve grown up with them or you’re part of the new age of vinyl lovers, there’s no better way to wind down than by putting on your favorite tracks!