Preparing For The AI & Robotic Revolutions – Book Review

From virtual assistants like Alexa on Amazon or Siri on iOS to Automatic vacuums and robotic surgery tools, AI and Robotic elements are rapidly integrating themselves into our daily lives in different forms. This increased integration of technology with the advancement in deep learning of Artificial Intelligence followed by 2010 proves that millennials will soon see one AI and Robotic Revolution in the years ahead.

While this may signal a terminator-scale apocalypse driven by robots focused on making our race obsolete, we are talking about a topic entirely different and relevant to reality.  We are signaling towards Artificial Intelligence and Robotic revolution completely altering our ways of living: from redefining the landscapes of employment and economy to affecting our standards of life.

As there is always a need to adapt to change, we recommend reading, ‘’Preparing for the AI and Robotic Revolution,” a book that discusses everything you need to know.

AI and Robotics Revolution

Preparing for the AI and Robotic Revolution: Book Review

Preparing for the AI and Robotic Revolution is a book authored by a father-son writer duo. The primary author Noel Jerke, an executive and entrepreneur author, having a 30-year association with the technological industry in firms like Sharp Electronics, Texas Instruments, and The American Diabetes Association, has a firm grip over this subject and owns the right knowledge to produce the right content.  His professional life has closely revolved around artificial intelligence, robotics, and digital marketing. Grayson Jerke, on the other hand, is a college student with sheer interest in academic subjects of biology and technology.

The book discusses everything you need to know for preparation to combat the consequences of this possible advancement. It is a great choice that beautifully explains how this revolution is a ‘‘wondrous, sometimes scary thing to witness.’’

Introducing The Realm of Artificial Intelligence and Robots

Did you know that artificial intelligence and robots are not a modern advancement? The history of both AI and robot dates as far back as the early days of computing. Historical shreds of evidence reveal robots existed a millennium before the 20th century. Known as automata and golems, many believe the first robots surfaced during the greek civilizations, with some deemed as fantastical myths.

Preparing for the AI & Robotic Revolution takes one down memory lane to help readers discover the history of both AI and Robots in great depth. It eloquently makes you acquainted with the original vision of AI and robotic forms. As you read through, you will learn about the AI winters where funds and interests were on the low for this field of technology. The book highlights how the convolutional neural networks (CNN), along with other factors, helped trigger a spike in the research of this field.

The book has one complete section dedicated to the ‘’first instances of these technological wonders,’’ to ‘’modern examples, as well as where these technologies may be heading in the future.’’ There is also a flow-chart diagram depicting this timeline that helps readers get a glimpse of it all in a few minutes. The writers have done a great job in introducing this complicated scientific field. The content is engaging and easy to understand, making it an ideal book for even students and parents. Noel Jerke and Grayson Jerke also mention authentic references for all historical and scientific claims they have made.

Preparing For The Revolution

Some experts believe AI can replace humans in the workforce because of its high-end accuracy and precision resulting from its endless capabilities. Statistical analysis conducted by McKinsey & Company revealed that by 2030 automation processes will be introduced to nearly 400 to 800 million jobs. While there is a worry for these intelligent machines replacing humans, many believe that this revolution will open new doors for millennials to new careers and opportunities as well. While we do not know the net outcome for sure, there is no denying that this advancement will alter our world.

The primary theme of the book, as the title indicates, is preparing its readers for the impacts resulting from the AI and Robotic Revolution. The book heavily revolves around the effects of this revolution on workplaces with both pros and cons mentioned, helping the readers reach decisive conclusions to prepare themselves for this revolutionary change.

According to the book ‘’Mundane’’ and ‘’repetitive tasks that involve routine mental work and menial jobs will be the first casualties’’ as programmers can produce sets of such algorithms to automate them with ease.  As you read ahead, you will discover that ‘’intelligent machines can also replace jobs that are too dangerous or costly for humans to operate.’’

The book also mentions the professions that are relatively safer right now. It also walks you down other impacts of the revolution, ending the book in chapters where how to adapt to minimize the negative consequences is the primary theme. The writers aim to ensure that their audience is well equipped to benefit the most out of this advancement. The book advises knowing where modern science stands and acquiring valuable skills to prepare for this change.

The Conversation Does Not End Here

The book subtly touches on a lot of other general areas of Artificial Intelligence and Robotics. It helps one understand the effects of such advancements beyond our life and economy. It introduces both the bright and dark sides of this revolution. From enhanced security to privacy problems, better healthcare systems to ethical health concerns, and more, the book walks the readers through everything in detail. It also mentions the seven main types of robots and helps one understand the broader meanings of AI and Robotics.

The Verdict

Preparing For the AI and Robotic Revolution is a refreshing and enlightening read for anyone who wants to know the impacts of the advent of AI and Robot dominated world. While the book is concise, it is comprehensive and encompasses detail in a very engaging manner. The book will help the reader learn a lot.