Popular Cheat Techniques for Slot Machines

There have always been dishonest players who have tried to break the system and cheat on slot machines in land-based casinos for as long as slot machines have existed. In reality, comprehending different slot methods and the question of how to control a slot machine have always been a topic of discussion for all players. 

People attempted various ways to hack slot machines and win large at the casino, from high-tech tactics to low-tech frauds like placing a penny on a string. Of course, they’re all illegal, so don’t attempt them. Gaming officials take cheating exceptionally seriously, and anyone caught trying to break these devices while committing a criminal might face jail time.

Use of A Magnet

Nowadays, slot machines are immune to magnetic interference. Still, in the 1960s, they were sensitive, and it was easy to use a powerful magnet to make the reels spin freely and avoid stopping where they were intended to. But how did it all come together? The cheats would remove the interest and claim the payment shown on the screen once the combination of symbols on the reels creates a winning combination.

Of course, using a magnet to trick a slot machine is no longer viable because the random number generator determines the outcome of every game.

Using A Cell Phone to Cheat

Some people utilize a cell phone while spinning the reels of a slot machine to figure out the winning combination on the reels. Following the recording and transmission of the video, the live footage receivers will work out the path by evaluating the game’s algorithm until they find the winning combination. 

Almost every casino will let you video yourself while playing your favorite slot games, such as Masuk slot or other casino games, but it will be difficult to figure out how to do it.

Coins-Based Slot Cheats

Scammers employed various methods to hack slot machines decades ago, including multiple types of counterfeit coins.

Shaved Coins

Since their inception, slot games have evolved, and some have even begun to use a light sensor to register payments. In most situations, the optic sensor-operated independently of the physical comparator. 

So, if a shaved coin were put simultaneously as an object of the same form and size, the shaved cash would be returned while the other thing remained within the machine, and the game began.

Fake Coins

Slot machines used to take bets depending on the weight of coins a long time ago. Some gamers, however, were using counterfeit coins that weighed the same as actual coins and were made of identical metals.

Slot Machine Cheating Devices

Not only did individuals cheat on slot machines using counterfeit money, but they also employed so-called cheating equipment to breach the slots, such as:

Validator for Bills

A Bill Validator Device is a small machine used to cheat at slots. Wrapped around a banknote, it is used to deceive the slot machine into believing it is getting a $100 bill when only accepting $1.

Light Wand

Some people, it appears, knew how to modify slots and exploit them. The problem is that the light wand would blind the slot machine’s optical sensor, preventing it from calculating how many coins had been put. Therefore, the device would “lose track” of when to payout as a result.

A device with a Monkey Paw

It was utilized as a bent metal rod with a guitar string connected. Its creator inserted it inside the machine’s air vent and twisted it around until he could activate the coin hopper’s trigger switch.

The majority of intelligent people would not attempt to defraud slot machines. Knowing that cheating at internet casinos games such as Masuk slot is nearly impossible, cheating at land-based slot machines requires a tremendous amount of work, not to mention the risk of prison time.