Perks of Getting Free Glass Pipes with Your Purchase

Are you fed up with overpriced drug paraphernalia? Sick of parting with your hard-earned dollars for something that doesn’t even get you high? Have you gone so far as to try to make your homemade bongs and pipes?

If your answer is yes to any of the above questions, here’s some good news! You can find quality glass pipes and bongs at a fraction of the price by shopping online. Many head shops will give you free glass pipes or bongs with each purchase over a certain amount.

Not only can you get a high-quality smoking device for free, but you can also save a few dollars on your order.

Here are the perks of getting free glass pipes with your purchase

Free Accessory

When you buy a pipe or bong from a head shop, you usually get a free accessory with your purchase. It could be anything from a glass bowl to a downstem.

Extra Savings

Not only do you get a free accessory, but you also save money on the purchase itself. It is because head shops typically offer discounts on bulk purchases.


Some head shops offer free items, such as a lighter with your order. When you buy glass pipes online, you can get everything from lighters to ashtrays for free with your purchase.


Just because you’re getting a free glass pipe or bong with your purchase doesn’t mean that you’re sacrificing quality. Most of the free pipes and bongs that you find at head shops are made from high-quality glass.

Top Brands

Most head shops will only offer you smoking devices from top brands, with a few exceptions. So not only are you getting a quality pipe or bong for free, but you may also get one of the best-selling models on the market today.


Head shops have an impressive variety of glass pipes and bongs to choose from. If you’re looking for a specific style or color, then you’re likely to find it at a head shop. However, the selection is usually much more limited when you buy online.

What Can You Do with a Glass Pipe?

According to statistics, in terms of marijuana products preference, 43.6 percent prefer flowers, 16.6 percent vapor pens, 9.8 percent concentrates, 9.6 percent pre-rolls, and 9.6 percent edibles.

One of the most popular ways to smoke is through a glass pipe. Whether you want to pay homage to your Native American ancestors or want a stylish way to smoke, a glass pipe is your best option.

Using a glass pipe is so popular because it offers several benefits over other forms of smoking:

  • Glass pipes offer an impressive range in size and color. You can buy a small pocket pipe or a giant glass bong.
  • There’s an option for everyone, no matter your budget or preference.
  • The pipes are also very easy to clean. All you have to do is pour salt and alcohol inside the bowl and use either an abrasive pad or steel wool to scrub it clean. You can also boil your glass pipe to make sure it’s sanitized.
  • Since they’re made from high-quality materials, you don’t have to worry about inhaling dangerous toxins as you do with other smoking devices.
  • Glass pipes are one of the most health-conscious smoking choices, especially when compared to options like bongs or rolling papers.
  • These smoking accessories are also one of the most discreet smoking devices on the market. They can easily be hidden in your pocket or hand, and they don’t produce a large cloud of smoke when used.

Now that you know why glass pipes are superior to other smoking devices, it’s time to consider where you can find free pipes with your next purchase.