Need to save on your heating bills? Here are five easy steps!

The cost of heating our homes will almost certainly continue to rise throughout 2023, and it’s more important than ever to look at how to save on heating bills. The good news is that all of the tips that we introduce in this article are straightforward and can be actioned by anyone, leading you to various savings that can help you manage the cost of living crisis throughout the cold winter months.

Step 1: Draft-proof your property

You can save approximately £35 per year if you draft-proof your home, but it’s something that many people fail to acknowledge. Draftproofing a property necessitates sealing your doors, windows, and floors to ensure that heat isn’t able to escape as easily. What’s more, investing in thick curtains, rugs, and draft excluders can all help to keep the heat in your home, which reduces the cost of heating it in the first place. So, if you haven’t yet done so, draft-proofing your property is an excellent way to save on your heating bills this year.

Step 2: Bleed your radiators

One of the downsides of radiators is that they accumulate trapped air, meaning that hot water in your heating system can’t flow as effectively. The process of removing this trapped air is known as bleeding your radiators, and it’s super straightforward. You can bleed your radiators in a matter of minutes by following a simple YouTube tutorial, and it’s an excellent way to reduce the costs associated with heating your home.

Step 3: Know your dials

Many of us take our home heating systems for granted and leave them to do their thing. But in reality, it’s really important to know your dials and check that they are set correctly. Making sure that you set the dials on your central heating system correctly will keep you warm when you’re at home and will save you money when you’re not. So, if you’re not familiar with the dials on your central heating, now’s the time to familiarise yourself.

Step 4: Look for a better energy deal

Conducting an online search for a better energy deal only takes a few minutes, but it can lead to big potential savings. A great place to begin is The Big Clean Switch, which is a site that you can use to compare and switch to renewable energy providers. Another option is to call your current provider directly to ask about the potential of switching to a cheaper plan. It also makes sense to follow tips and advice shared on sites like Money Saving Expert to give you the best possible chance of saving money.

Step 5: Save money on firewood

Did you know that heating your home with a log burner is an energy-efficient way of heating your property during the cold winter months? You can heat your living space with a log burner without relying on a central heating system to do the job for you. Be sure to check out Homefire’s latest bundles to find the best deals on sustainable firewood that is perfect for log burners and home fireplaces this winter.

So, there you have it! Five simple steps that can help you save money on heating bills this winter, ensuring that you can mitigate the cost of living crisis while keeping your home warm and comfortable in the process.