Modern hat etiquette for women in 2021

In today’s world, millions of people wear hats, and the majority of them wear them in the sense of style to match their favorite outfits. However, in ancient times gentlemen and ladies wore hats, and those who wore them had to follow certain etiquettes. Nowadays, a hat does not require any rules. People wear hats whenever they want to feel pretty. In the olden days they were a part of the apparel for the upper-class society. Therefore wearing it during those times became significant as it would tell you about your class. Hat etiquette highlights your politeness and conduct. Therefore people wearing it must know the rule of thumb. Ladies who incorporate headgears as a part of their outfit must carry it elegantly and follow the necessary hat etiquette.

Here are a few hat etiquettes for people who want to revive the fashionable hat-wearing and maintain the courtesy protocol:

When to wear a hat

As per the rules, you can wear a hat when you are outdoors or in public places. Since some public areas are inside, it is appropriate to wear the headgear in places, such as airports, railway stations, elevators, and public transport. Women wearing dresses can continue wearing their headcovers while they are on the roads. The majority of women use a hat as an essential accessory. Therefore women need not depart with their hats even during dinner. However, some ladies wear woolen caps during winters which are not an accessory for fashion. You must remove them as soon as you step indoors.

Wear a hat that is appropriate for the occasion

A majority of women continue to wear fashionable hats in different locations and even at work. However, if you want to follow the age-old tradition of hat etiquette, it is necessary to wear appropriate headgears for other occasions. Fashionable hats, such as Fedora, Cowboy hats, and stylish berets, are suitable for an everyday look. However, females must avoid wearing fashionable headgears to workplaces. People must refrain from wearing large brimmed hats in crowded places and concerts where you might be blocking someone else’s view. Here are a few types of fashionable headgears that are appropriate for different occasions

Functional hats

Other than fashion, females can also wear a hat to keep themselves warm or protect themselves from direct rays of the sun during the summer heat. Functional hats include classical beach wear hats and visors. Wearing a hat as a piece of protection also requires certain etiquette. Women must remove the sun hat amidst a large crowd to avoid bumping into people.

Hats with a large brim 

Many women prefer to wear large brimmed hats during the night at the theatre or an Opera. A female must take off her hat and place it on her lap to avoid blocking people’s view at the stage. However, she must know the occasions when she should remove the headgear. For instance, wearing a hat at the movies is nice only if you know when to remove it. Large brim hats for women such as Fedora are great for the beach, protecting them from the scorching heat.

Fascinator hats

Many women prefer to wear a fascinator as a style of hat. They use it to decorate their heads instead of a hat. However, to wear a fascinator, you must know that you have to wear it on the side of the head, traditionally on the right side, and the details of which should be above the eyebrow line.

Buy a headgear that fits you well

Since hats highlight a lady’s class, wearing them demands maintenance of hat etiquette. Women use them in royal escorts such as a Derby race. However, to avoid making the people around you uncomfortable, you must opt for a hat that fits well. High-class women make sure that their headwear is not loose or tight, causing inconvenience to them or others. Therefore you must ensure that the headcover is not flying away or demands to get clasped the entire day.

Opt for a hat that compliments your face

A part of hat etiquette for women includes opting for headgear that goes well with the face shape. Females with round faces should avoid wearing beanies as it makes their faces appear full. On the other hand, girls with large foreheads should prefer Fedora hats, thereby covering their faces. 

Here are a few guidelines regarding the type of hat you can wear, depending on your face shape

  • Women with shorter faces should wear a delicate piece of headwear as it helps them to look taller.
  • Females who wear spectacles much prefer hats with an upturned brim as large brim hats will be an obstacle between their glasses.

Women who have a round face Mast add a piece of ornament to their hats, such as a flower which might be helpful, to make a face look taller.