Key Historical Events of the Year 1983

History holds the most important place in our lives. Knowing about what happened in the past years increases your knowledge and craves you to learn more about the world. How the world has developed, what kind of historical events took place in each successive year, everything is a part of history. If you want to know what happened back in 1983, you are in the right place. So, let’s get straight to an exciting list of the historical events of 1983.

What Happened in 1983?

Many historical events took place in 1983; that’s why it holds a remarkable position in history. Some of these events include the discovery of compact disk, launch of Space Shuttle Challenger, the launch of new Microsoft Program, the rise of recession, deployment of missiles, and much more. Some of these events are mentioned in detail below.

1. Destructive Hurricane of Alicia

Hurricanes can destroy the everyday routine life of human beings. An unusual increase in the wind speed can ruin all the mechanisms that were right on the track once. Similarly, in the year 1983, Hurricane Alicia hit the coastline of Texas in August 1983. This was the only hurricane that resulted in the loss of a billion dollars’ development in the US.

It was a category three storm that resulted in the landfall of the United States in the successive three years. Plus, the hurricane’s wind gusts were so destructive that they ranged up to 127mph and went up to 12 feet high. This whole disaster resulted in the death of 21 people in the region.

2. Discovery of Compact Disc

Can you ever imagine not being able to record your voice on any device? No one can imagine this bitter reality today. But it was expected back in history before 1983. In this successive year, a Compact Disc was launched with much more advanced features to bring more ease to the users.

The unusual kind of Compact Disc was discovered 100 years back. After that, Sony and Philips invented and marketed a relatively compact 5-ich compact disk. It was called a CD audio disc as it was specialized in recording the human voice in the highest quality. The success of this remarkable discovery with excellent durability is still remembered in the history of music and audio notes.

3. Development of Models by the Dyson

If you’re fond of keeping your home neat and clean, you may know the name ‘Dyson.’ It is one of the most significant companies to produce vacuum cleaners and carpet rubbing cleaners. It was established in 1977, but from 1979 to 1983, it changed the design of its models about 5127 times.

The final model of vacuum cleaners by Dyson Limited was launched in 1983. The company doesn’t only offer cleaners, but also many other precuts such as hair dryers, heaters, and bladeless fans.

4. Invasion of the United States over Grenada

The invasion of superpowers over small countries always holds the most recurring place in history. On 25 October 1983, the United States invaded Grenada. At the time of the invasion, there were about 1000 civilians of the United States, among which the majority were medical students. They sent over 500 marines to Grenada’s island after when the government took over the control of the state.

The primary reason behind this invasion was the order given by President Reagan. The invading force’s main aim was to protect the civilians of the United States and gain a hold on Communism in the Caribbean. If we talk, on the whole, it was a pure succession neglecting the encountering resistance.

5. Cricket World Cup

Cricket leagues always hold the most exciting place in the hearts of cricket lovers. Whenever there is a match between two tough teams, it blows away the hearts and minds of the cricket fans. History holds many key cricket events that have set records in the past years. The third edition of the cricket World Cup, officially called Prudential Cup, was held from 9 to 25 June 1983 in England.

Eight countries participated in the event, and India won the trophy. The 1983 World Cup was full of dramatic events throughout the tournament.

6. NASA’s Mission

NASA is known to set remarkable records from time to time. The efforts of NASA’s scientists yielded fruit in the form of successful missions. In 1983, NASA’s most important mission, called STS-7 Mission, was completed in June. The mission was consistent with a six-day flight in which five astronauts were included in the spacecraft.

The whole crew was on the mission to complete several experiments. At last, they got successful in deploying two satellites. Moreover, this mission holds a more important place in history because it was the first-ever space flight of Sally Ride. After this mission, she became the first successful woman to be in space.

7. Launch of Pound Coin

Previously, there were no common coins in the world. But the first-ever pound coin was launched in April 1983. Before the currency’s launch, there was a two-sided pound note that entered circulation in March. Soon it was replaced by the most demanding pound coin.

This coin was greatly loved by the customers and shopkeepers, and people started believing that this pound coin gave them more grace. Still, the pound coins are used in England, making it visible that the launch of this pound coin was the permanent end to the pound note.

8. Release of the Blackadder

Comedy lovers are always in search of something exciting and new. If we talk about sitcoms, they are regarded as the best way to entertain the public with pseudo-historical comedies. Blackadder is one of the most memorable series worldwide as it was one of the most demanding sitcoms of the BBC.

1983 also has a significant part in the history of Blackadder as its first episode was released on the TV screens in June 1983. The first episode was written entirely by Richard Curtis and Rowan Atkinson. Still, in the present world, this situation comedy is loved by comedy lovers.

9. Initiation of the Strategic Defense Initiative (SDI)

The most recurring demand of every country is to have the most robust defense system that relies on modern technology. In 1983, something big was introduced to bring some significant changes to the strategies of the defense system of the region. President Ronal Reagan publically introduced an SDI system during his live session in a televised address in the March of 1983.

The basic purpose of introducing this strategic plan was to introduce the defense policies that utilize modern technologies to protect human life. It made access to use the nuclear missile on the US with the help of the Soviet Union. All the defense plan processes were under the control of the Department of Defense, but unfortunately, the funding was ended after the Cold War.

10. Revolutions in the Fashion Industry

The fashion industry is the evergreen field of life. With every passing minute, there are significant changes in the ongoing fashion of the whole world. Every year comes with some particular changes in the fashion field, which are remembered for centuries. Similarly, in 1983, there were many changes in the fashion clothes of men and women, which are still followed by fashion influencers.

Many fashionable dresses were introduced, such as the Belt Dress, Dolman Dress, Jacket and Skirt, and much more. Not only the dress codes, but the jewelry styles also hold an important place in the historical events of the year 1983. The introduction of opal jewelry is still in the trend among many countries of the world.

Wrap Up!

Undoubtedly, we cannot talk about all the historical events that took place in 1983, but we have mentioned the key events of 1983. We hope you like the list.