Justin Gelband’s Secret for Dropping Body Fat

There are over 40,000 gyms, fitness centers, and health clubs across the states, and more than 200,000 around the world. Residents of the United States and the UK seem to be particularly keen on joining these establishments, but very often, memberships are dropped.

One of the reasons that people join gyms is due to New Year’s resolutions; to get fit, and to lose fat. When the results don’t show quickly enough, apathy appears and the gym sessions drop off. If you are looking to drop body fat then you need to understand the best ways to achieve this.

There are no quick fixes, but there are methods that are better than others. And, there is one trainer who has made a difference to many people who are in the public eye, as well as regular individuals.

Who is Justin Gelband?

Many people have become famous through a love of health and fitness. Jane Fonda is probably better known for her workout videos than her movie career. Arnold Schwarzenegger became famous through bodybuilding. Fitness fanatic, and martial arts phenomenon, Bruce Lee, became a pop culture legend.

You can add to that list, one Mr. Justin Gelband. The personal trainer who is in his late 40s is often based in New York. He has been known to work overseas also from time to time but began his career fairly inauspiciously.

Justin Gelband began working by helping women to lose body weight and fat. Typically his clients were as much as 40 to 60 kilos overweight. Now, he is famous for helping Victoria’s Secret models and other celebrities including Mark Whalberg, and Jamie Foxx to get fit and lose body fat.

How much body fat should you carry?

A normal BMI range for an average adult would be from 18.5 to 24.9, but this can differ slightly depending on height and build. As a general rule, this is the area most people want to be in to be considered healthy.

According to BodyWhat, Bruce Lee had a BMI of around 20, which is towards the lower normal range. However, it is clear from old footage and some of his movies that he was sometimes underweight. This is normal for someone in the fighting arts when they are in training. A boxer who is active and in training to fight might go far into the underweight range.

What does Justin Gelband recommend?

When he first began helping women lose extra weight, he was clear that it was a long-term goal. He is against quick fixes and avoids fads such as HIIT. He is also not a fan of certain dietary trends, which can have the opposite effect of what you may be looking for.

When you are starting a new fitness regime and looking to lose fat, the first thing to do is to work on your cardio. Then there is the diet to be looked at. And, a general analysis of you and your requirements.

A general Justin Gelband beginner’s routine

If you are looking to find out how to train like a Victoria’s Secret Angel with Justin Gelband, then you have to start at the beginning.

If you had an appointment with Justin, then you would spend the first hour and a half talking through your past injuries, having your lifestyle investigated, and your posture analyzed. However, if you can’t get to meet Justin Gelband, you will have to follow his tips.


He recommends cutting out alcohol, sugar, and salt. Carbs should be reduced to where you are getting them from vegetables, and sources such as brown rice. Nuts can be eaten in moderation, but be careful of the fat levels.


This is a great form of exercise for improving fitness and health. However, to lose body fat this needs to be done in shorter daily intervals. High-intensity sessions build muscle, so jogging should be performed, not sprints.


Kickboxing, yoga, and pilates are Justin Gelband’s choices for anyone looking to lose body fat.

What doesn’t Justin recommend?

Gelband believes that exercise shouldn’t be full of pain, and dismisses trends from recent years such as HIIT. He has said that high-impact routines such as this are dangerous for the average person.

Body fat should be lost over some time while improving fitness and general health. Tools such as smart scales can help monitor BMI, and help you to set sensible targets for yourself.

Sleep is also important. Not sleeping properly can lead to the body retaining fat. If you have broken sleep, then these tips to improve it may help. Lastly, fad diets may not help. Gelband said that when his clients were following the juicing fad, they failed to lose weight.


Justin’s secret is to ignore quick fixes and fads, and concentrate on regular cardio and conditioning sessions. Avoid high-impact routines that will build muscle, and concentrate on limiting how much food is going into your body.