Image recognition applications and tools: Essential Future Uses

Image recognition technology has become very advanced these days. You must know that it is commonly used all across the globe in different fields of life. Today in this post, we will tell you about the seven most common, extensive and futuristic applications of image recognition technology. We suggest reading this short guide if you don’t know anything about image recognition and its modern uses.

What is image recognition?

Image recognition is the technology that is ranked under the subcategory of computer vision and AI. Image recognition technology, as the name says, refers to analyzing and detecting the contents of an image. The most common use of image recognition is to find people, places, objects, and other elements on an image. Image recognition software and tools cannot identify the objects on an image. Still, they can also conclude them by using AI.

Some of the common and professional tasks being performed by image recognition are:

  • Classification
  • Tagging
  • Detection
  • Segmentation

Now that you know about the common tasks performed by image recognition, we would like you to know about the best image recognition tools and applications!

Best Image recognitions tools and apps to try!

Here are some of the popular image recognition utilities that you should know about:

1. Google Image Recognition

Google is one of the most renowned search engines across the globe. Google has been on the top for the last many decades and the reason behind its fame is its constant upgrading and evolution. Google gained a  lot of weight and acclaim in the year 2014 when it launched its very own image recognition system. The image recognition tool is also known as the reverse image search feature of Google. This involves searching by an image instead of text and finding all kinds of visually similar data indexed on the internet. You can use the Google image recognition tool cum feature for free on any device you want as long as you have a Google powered browser on it. The tool is no doubt easy to use but know that it is going to save your input images in its database for at least seven days.

2. Image Search Tool – SearchEngineReports

The reverse image search tool by is also among the most top-rated utilities that are powered by the image recognition technique. This reverse image search tool uses image recognition and artificial intelligence to find similar images on the internet. You can simply upload the image in the input box of the tool or you can also make a search on the URL of the image which is also known as the image path. This image search tool has connections with multiple search engines and so it can get you visually similar images from different sources. The best thing about this search by image tool is that it is secure to use. The photo search tool would not save your input in its database and would delete it as soon as you get your desired results.

3. Amazon Rekognition

This is another amazing application that is powered by the image recognition technique. This is a very advanced tool as you can easily detect objects on an image. With this online image recognition tool, you can easily define the scenes going on an image and you can also get to know about the people that you see on the image. This application also offers an intelligent facial comparison system which you can also try for free!

4. GumGum

This is another famous image recognition application that you should know about. GumGum as most of you would know is the pioneer of image-based advertisements. Recently it has launched its application for image detection and other relevant services. With this app, you can easily analyze your images and can find photos on the web that are similar to yours. You can easily find image plagiarism. Data collection from social media has also become easy with this  IR application!

Common uses of image recognition!

We would like you to know about the extensive ones that you can see today out of hundreds of image recognition applications.

Reverse Image Search

Reverse image search is the featured search technique that is used for searching by images instead of text. If you want to find textual details and visually similar content related to an image, you can always search reverse images.

Facial recognition system

Facial recognition is a very common application of image recognition. You can see the facial recognition system installed on smartphones and other common security points, including offices. The facial recognition system can unlock a device, make a check-in, and be used for personal identification.

Assistance in the educational system

Image recognition is solving many problems faced by humans in their daily lives. This is what makes it a valuable technique/system. You must know that image recognition is also being used in the education sector for helping out pupils with learning disabilities and weaknesses.

Enhancement in medical imagery

This is another application of image recognition systems that you should know about. In medicine, imagery is getting very important. You would be surprised to know that more than 90% of the database is filled with medical imagery in the healthcare department. Medical imageries are helping doctors and pathologists today make groundbreaking diagnostics that were considered to be impossible in the past.

Application in driverless technology

A very futuristic and interesting use of image recognition is in the automobile industry. Computer vision and image recognition are the key elements used today for defining and fueling self-driving technology. Artificial intelligence, computer vision, and image recognition technology are being used to enhance the safety of the passengers by identifying the objects on the road, including vehicles, pedestrians, pathways, and other moving objects which can damage the car or can be damaged by the car!

Application in the advertisement industry

You would be shocked to know that image recognition is being used in digital marketing and predicting consumer behaviour. A marketer can easily benefit from image recognition by targeting customers with photos.

Iris Recognition in smartphone

Another common and futuristic application of image recognition is the iris recognition system used in smartphones. The iris recognition system is commonly used in flagship phones of Samsung for unlocking the device.

After reading this post, you might have now understood what image recognition is and where you can find its common applications in the world. Reverse image searching has many advantages because of IR. So we would suggest you try the best tools for experiencing this interesting search by image concept!