How Will This School Year Look For Ukrainians & What Can You Do to Help?

School all over the world started around two months ago, but not all children are in the same position when it comes to studying. Ukraine is in the middle of a war after Russia launched a full-scale invasion of its territories at the beginning of 2022. Apart from the devastating effects of war on the economy and healthcare, military actions also put a toll on education.

According to the most recent UNICEF reports, more than 4 million children all over the country returned back to school this year. Not all of them have free access to education, classes, and homework. It’s still not safe to attend school every day because of constant air raid sirens that blast several times a day. In addition, a huge number of school buildings have been damaged.

Unfortunately, not all Ukrainian kids have a chance for a normal school year because the situation is very complex right now. You can order an essay writing service from a professional writer in case you want to learn more about it and don’t have the time. It will certainly be a challenge to give the children an opportunity to study and enjoy their new year, at least for a little bit.

Want to know more about the situation in Ukraine and the educational sector in particular? Read on to learn about the progression of this school year for Ukrainians and what you can do to help.

Everything You Need to Know About Schooling in Ukraine in 2022

Children of this country have been trying to study for two months now. Of course, since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, the learning process has been shifting online. This is why many educational institutions already have some sort of plan in place in case of emergencies. The Ministry of Education and Science has offered some recommendations to different regions.

Full-Time Form

Unfortunately, even in regions far from the frontlines of military actions, it’s impossible to guarantee an interrupted learning process for the children.

While students in other countries worry about their grades and turn to “do my homework” from essay writers to maintain their academic performance, Ukrainians risk not having a chance to study at all. Today, the danger of rocket launches and air attacks remains even in the safest regions to the west of the country. So, teachers have to be ready to evacuate students to the nearby shelter.

Also, the safety of the schools and the health of the children is the most important thing right now. Some essay writing service reviews websites even send some of the profits to help those kids in need when you order a paper! Students are allowed to attend their institutions when all precautions that the Ministry of Education and Science issued have been completed.

Let’s take a closer look at them:

  • train all staff on everything there is to know about evacuation to safe shelters;
  • provide all conditions for studying inside the shelters;
  • have food, water, and some basic supplies for teachers and students;
  • have regular assessments of the safety conditions in shelters;
  • have medical training courses available for all personnel;
  • ensure transportation for those students who can’t get to school safely.

Distance Learning

This is a more realistic course of action for regions close to the frontline. For example, in Sumy and Chernihiv regions, most buildings, including schools, were damaged as a result of intense shelling. This is why learners are advised to stay home to feel more comfortable with their studies until all the damage is repaired.

You might already know that millions of families were forced to move from their homes to safer regions of the country. Not all educational institutions in Western Ukraine can accommodate this number of new kids. In this case, distance learning is also a viable option for such families! Online schooling guarantees that every child has access to quality education.

Mixed Form of Education

This is the most popular option for many families in Ukraine right now. Not every parent is comfortable with sending their child to school for a whole day, even where it has been relatively safe. Also, many parents are forced to go to work to support their families, so they can’t leave their kids without supervision.

Mixed Form of Education

What Can You Do to Help?

Since the full-scale invasion started in February, more and more people all over the world have wanted to do something to help. You don’t even have to spend a lot of time or effort on it. Just choose something that is suitable for you:

  • send humanitarian supplies if you can;
  • donate money to credible organizations;
  • hire Ukrainian citizens abroad;
  • take part in peaceful protests in your city.

To Sum Up

War and military action put a huge toll on the everyday life of the Ukrainian people. Many have already adapted to their new reality, and some still suffer from this aggression. As you know, children are the future of the world, so we need to make sure they get a quality education right now.