How to Spot an Illegal Online Casino

Yes, online gambling is legal in the US. But, that doesn’t mean all of the online casinos on Google are legitimate.

Unfortunately, an illegal casino run online is becoming more and more of a common occurrence. Criminals are trying to cash in on the popularity of online gaming by opening fake casinos.

They look legit—but don’t operate fairly and will take your money and not return it.

To stay safe when playing online, keep reading to find our guide on how to spot an illegal online casino. And you can also visit the following link to find out how a lie Detector Test should be carried out the right way. You can also find amazing places for playing at offshore casinos.

The Online Casino Has a Lot of Glitches

You’re betting online and enjoying a new online casino, but the website keeps freezing, glitching, or causing your computer to run slowly. What’s wrong?

This is a big red flag and often means you’re playing on an illegal gambling site. This is because illegal sites will use poor quality or pirated computer software to run their gaming operations.

Just as bad, this software almost never plays fair, as it’s been designed so that the house will always win—which is also against the law.

There Are No Customer Reviews

Hundreds of thousands of people love the thrill of gambling real money online. This means any legit website will have plenty of positive reviews from happy clients.

If you can’t find any reviews for an online site, it’s probably new and just popped up overnight—and could disappear just as quickly.

Look on lots of unbiased, third-party sites, like Reddit, to find a casino that other gamers can recommend highly.

You’re Having Trouble Cashing Out Your Winnings

You’ve just had some success and are ready to cash out—but you’re having problems. Whether it’s an error message or a system problem, an illegal casino often makes it very hard to cash out.

This is because they’re run by scammers and they want to keep your money.

They Lack Any Details About Their Registration

Any legitimate online casino is required to be registered. This will usually be in their country of operations and clearly stated on their website.

If you can’t find any details about a company’s registration, it’s likely that they aren’t legally registered anywhere.

So, if you’re keen to play fun games like poker or Vegas Slots Real Money, do your due diligence first and ensure a website is legally registered. Many are also linked to a physical casino somewhere in the world.

Avoid Registering With an Illegal Casino—It’s Not Worth the Risk

No one ever wins when playing at an illegal casino—except the website’s shady owners! Never take the risk and use these tips to ensure you don’t get conned by an illegal casino website.

If you do, it’s worth going to your country’s gambling commission to see if they can help. Or, you might be able to lodge a dispute with your bank to claim back money spent on misleading goods and services.

If you do your research and play smart, you’re sure to find a legitimate and fun gambling site that you can enjoy!

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