How to Select a Content Writer for Your Blog

Choosing a perfect content writer for a job is crucial. Good texts can bring your sites’ online presence to the top, build up new audiences, and even create a loyal fanbase. Overall, there is little that a good writer can’t do for your business. Yet, you surely need a professional to make your blog stand out among the rest. No wonder blogging has become a very popular business. Making money or gaining success online is not as easy as it used to be a decade ago. These days, the competition is fierce. So, you need a writer just as brave and dedicated. Let’s see how you can select the best content writer for your blog with these simple steps.

Work experience

First things first, you should look at writers’ work experience and see whether they match your needs. Thus, even a quick look at one’s portfolio and resume should indicate whether a candidate is good for the job. See how many years they spend working as a content writer. Pay attention to the niches these writers tend to work the most.

All writing forms are different. So, if you look for a blog writer, look for those with blogging experience. Yet, when looking for a technical writer, see what experience they have in the given field. Of course, a content writer should be able to pull off any task. Yet, an extended experience in the field will give a noticeable advantage in quality and time.

Lastly, see what other work experience a content writer has. Thus, if you have a medical blog, a writer with formal education or work experience in the medical field will be a nice bonus. However, decide for yourself how important having writers with additional work experience is. It can be a priority or simply a nice bonus to all other writers’ experiences.

Time and availability

Of course, you need to discuss time frames and writers’ availability before hiring them. Thus, start by asking how much text they can write in a day or week. Mention the difficulty of your texts, niche, length, and other valuable criteria. By doing so, you give a content writer very specific instructions, so you can expect exact answers. It’s important to understand how reasonable your deadlines are and whether candidates can meet them.

Next, discuss writers’ hour availability. Thus, you may hire a writer for an office position or have freelance-based relations. The former calls for a full working schedule. The latter requires more negotiations on your part. See how many hours a writer can dedicate to your project per week or month. Ask if they have other projects going on. Learn what their preferred working schedule is and whether it matches yours. Overall, open communication is the key to finding common ground in working schedules.

Reviews and recommendations

An experienced professional writer will always have enough recommendations or reviews to prove their success stories. Hence, don’t neglect this part of the job interview. Look up their reviews online and see how well they did in the past. Besides, most freelance platforms allow clients to leave reviews on the specialists and vice versa. So, it’s easy to see where writers do well or poorly in their jobs. Moreover, you also get to learn writers’ past experience and work preferences.

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Needless to say that writers come at different price ranges. In addition, some may charge you per hour while others get paid per project. You should decide on what arrangements suit you best and how much money you are ready to pay for the needed work. Thus, you should make a budget.

Remember, content writing plays a big role in modern businesses. Hence, don’t try to save a buck by downplaying your writers. Research the market and see average price ranges for the work you need. Try to stay within those limits. Also, keep in mind that writers with more experience will come at a higher price. Though, they will be worth their money.


Lastly, see whether your candidate has enthusiasm for a job. Writing, before everything else, is a form of art. Hence, it’s best if your writers feel passionate about their job. See how much they like the work you offer. Do they know much about the niche your business is in? Do they share the same values or interests? Are they invested in making your business more efficient and profitable? You can’t buy enthusiasm, but you surely can build it. So, do seek writers who will bring positive, good work ethics and passion into the job.