How to make eye makeup correctly: mistakes that beginners make

Beautiful eye makeup can make a person more attractive and expressive. However, when it comes to beautiful eyelashes makeup, beginners often make mistakes. In this article, we will look at a few common mistakes that people make when applying eyelash makeup and how to avoid them.

Applying eyelash makeup before applying eye makeup

One of the most common mistakes is applying eyelash makeup before applying eye makeup. This can cause your lash makeup to smudge when you apply makeup to your eyes, which can cause a messy look and ruin your makeup. To avoid this mistake, apply your eye makeup first and then apply your lash makeup.

Applying too much eyelash makeup

Another common mistake is applying too much eyelash makeup. This can make your lashes look too heavy and bulky. To avoid this mistake, apply your lash makeup gradually, layer by layer, and let each layer dry before applying the next.

Using old eyelash makeup

Using old eyelash cosmetics can lead to eye infections, so it is very important to throw away eyelash cosmetics that were opened more than 3-4 months ago. Don’t skimp on your health, it’s better to throw out the old cosmetics and buy new ones.

Incorrect use of an eyelash cosmetics brush

The eyelash makeup brush is one of the most important tools when applying eyelash makeup. Using a brush improperly can cause makeup to be applied unevenly, or you may get your eyes caught in the brush, which can cause discomfort and ruin your makeup. To avoid this mistake, use the eyelash makeup brush carefully and carefully, do not apply too much makeup on the brush, and make sure that the brush does not catch your eyes.

Not choosing the right shade of eyelash makeup

If you choose eyelash cosmetics, you need to pay attention to the shade. The wrong shade of makeup can ruin your makeup, and make your eyes less expressive. To avoid this mistake, choose eyelash makeup that matches your hair color, and also consider your skin and eye color.


Applying eyelash makeup can be tricky, but if you avoid these common mistakes, you can get great results. Remember to use the right shade of makeup, don’t apply too much makeup on your brush, throw away old makeup, and apply your lash makeup after your eye makeup. Following these tips will help you create beautiful lash makeup and look your best! We wish you success and creative input!