How To Fully Enjoy Tobacco Products Like A True Connoisseur

There is a lot of negative talk about tobacco in the media nowadays. Sure smoking it can theoretically cause health problems but so can a lot of things. While this post is in no way trying to downplay the potential risks of smoking it’s important to have a balanced attitude when talking about it. Smoking moderately i.e., using cigars in moderation can be no more dangerous than having a shot of whisky once in a while can. Tobacco products can actually be a lot of fun as long as you use them safely, the way they are supposed to be used.

Individuals interested in using tobacco products should take care not to become addicted to them, however. As with a lot of things tobacco is safe if used in moderation but when it starts to be used excessively it can be dangerous. People that end up developing heart disease and lung cancer because of their smoking typically do so because they have been abusing cigarettes for decades. It’s almost unheard of for a person who uses cigars infrequently (or even cigarettes) to develop such problems. Moderation is, therefore, key.

This post will tell you how you can start using tobacco products like a true connoisseur.

Smoking Cigars

As mentioned in the introduction to this post, smoking cigars moderately can be a safe and entertaining way of using tobacco. Finding the right cigar can be somewhat difficult though which is why it’s important that you conduct extensive research and try and find the brand and manufacturer ideal for you. If you are new to cigars then rather than researching online you might be better off going to your local tobacconists and sampling their different products in person, in the company of an expert.

Trying to figure out what cigars are right for you when you don’t know anything about them can be incredibly difficult. In terms of actually buying and storing them, you need to have a humidor so that you don’t end up with a crispy and dry cigar each time you go to use one. Fortunately, if any of your cigars have dried out because of improper storage then you’ll be pleased to know that you can quite effectively rehydrate them. There is a very complex method for rehydrating cigars which this post will not go into detail on but rest assured it is possible.

Chewing Tobacco

Chewing tobacco isn’t as popular as it once was. Very few people other than rural types do it anymore. At one time though chewing tobacco was most people’s preferred method of consuming it. Compared to smoking it is a lot less dangerous. That being said there are of course still risks associated with chewing tobacco, one of them being mouth cancer. If you chew tobacco moderately though it’s unlikely that you will experience this. Daily use on the other hand does increase your chances of developing this condition as well as a number of other oral health problems.

If you are intending on chewing tobacco then you need to try and find tobacco that has been grown organically. Do you really want to chew a plant that has had synthetic fertilizers used on it? Organic food has been shown to be much better for health than non-organic food. As tobacco is a crop grown like food crops it is, therefore, important to buy organic tobacco for the same reasons that you would kale, lettuce, or cabbage. It needs to be noted though you should not eat tobacco, whether it’s chewing tobacco or ordinary tobacco.

Hand Rolling

If you do plan on smoking cigarettes, then why buy ones already rolled? Traditionally people rolled their own cigarettes. When you buy pre-packaged ones you are just paying extra for convenience. Rolling tobacco is a lot cheaper to buy than cigarettes. Bear in mind if you intend on using rolling tobacco then you need to make sure that you have all of the additional accouterments, i.e., papers and filters. You can smoke cigarettes without filters although it’s not recommended. Filters catch many of the harmful chemicals and by-products produced by smoking.

As mentioned in the previous section it is a good idea to try and buy organic tobacco. Of course, whenever you smoke tobacco carcinogens are released so organic tobacco won’t mitigate against them. Organic tobacco will just contain fewer chemicals and as a consequence will be better for your health. If you do plan on buying rolling tobacco then you might find it convenient to roll a day’s worth of cigarettes in advance rather than rolling them every time you need them. Rolling them in advance will help you to ensure that you are always able to satisfy your desire for a smoke even if you have other things going on and can’t stop to roll one.

Using Marijuana

Marijuana is a controversial drug. Some people swear by it and others claim that it is extremely bad for people’s health. Controversy aside, nobody can deny that it is an immensely popular plant. Individuals who’re interested in using tobacco may want to consider adding tobacco to it. In the United States combining tobacco with marijuana is almost unheard of. However, in the United Kingdom and parts of Europe mixing the two plants is very popular. You get the headrush of the tobacco and the high of the marijuana, which can be very intoxicating.

If you do plan on buying marijuana then the very first thing that you need to do is to find a reliable vendor. Bear in mind that not all marijuana vendors are of equal quality. Some are much better than others and some produce much better products. Ideally, as a beginner, you should opt for marijuana that is low in THC. The higher a marijuana plant’s THC content is, the more powerful it’ll be. You can also buy pure hemp which is high in CBD and smoke that with your tobacco if you want marijuana’s taste but not its high.

Tobacco is a popular plant. When you consider how good it feels to smoke and chew it’s not hard to see why. Individuals intent on using it should do so moderately and must alert their doctors if they begin experiencing adverse health effects.