How Much Does an It Manager Make?

There were 482,000 IT manager positions in 2021. An IT manager can work as a freelancer or for a company. If you’re asking the question, “How much does an it manager make?” keep reading.

In this guide, you’ll learn all about what IT managers make across the States. There are also specialty areas where IT workers will provide expert skills.

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You Can Always Try to Negotiate Your Salary

When you have years of experience as an IT manager, you will have a better chance of negotiating with the hiring agent. Show them your previous projects, and explain your expected salary.

Will IT Managers Make a Solid Salary?

IT managers will earn an excellent salary. Managers with a specialized set of skills will make more than the average. An IT manager will have incentives like bonuses, benefits, and commissions.

Salaries often rise as the worker gains more experience.

Locations Will Impact Your Salary

High paying IT jobs are found in Hawaii, Connecticut, and Massachusetts. They earn salaries that are above the average wage. In Florida and North Carolina, IT managers will usually make less money.

You should research the area you’d like to work. Find out how much people get paid in these areas. You’ll have an idea of what to ask for when meeting with the hiring manager.

Your Experience Will Affect the Salary

If you’re an IT manager with a lot of experience, you will earn more money than someone in the industry. The salary ranges remain related to how long the worker has been in the IT field.

You will be a valuable asset if you’re an IT manager with strong analytical or communication skills. An IT manager with project management or cyber security practices will earn more.

If you hope to improve your chances of making a higher salary, take courses in project management. You could also take continuing education courses on IT support and IT security. Additionally, you can use online study platforms to save time, access study materials more easily, and avoid creating your notes from blanks.

Freelance IT Managers

Freelance IT managers will usually earn over 80,000 on average. Freelance IT managers will also have the title IT consultants. The average pay range will depend on the sector where the IT manager specializes.

The income will vary and depends on the projects they choose. Think about if you would prefer to work in a company or work on your own.

IT Management Career Quality

More businesses need reputable IT managers to design or manage their computer networks.

IT management is an excellent career choice for people in this industry. IT management jobs will pay well and remain in high demand. If you work as a freelance IT consultant or manager, consider pursuing this field.

There are many job opportunities out there.

Portfolio Management Skills

With a portfolio management skill, you’ll make on average 135,000 a year. This job is demanding and will take a lot from the worker. You will have to manage a few different projects.

If you love challenges, look at this position.

Keep Developing Your IT Skills

You can learn about IT careers by watching an online coding Bootcamp or course. This will allow you to learn more about the IT industry and whether it is a good fit.

You could also reach out to IT managers in the industry and see if you could chat with them.

Will the Need Grow for IT Managers?

The BLS sees job growth increasing in the next few years. For IT management positions, the rate will improve.

IT managers will work for businesses to improve digital operations. They will also need to help with technology management leadership for cybersecurity.

There’s an increased need for help with cybersecurity. Healthcare, finance and government companies will need to prioritize cybersecurity.

Thankfully, the job outlook for IT workers and managers maintains a positive climb. The Bureau of Labor Statistics thinks the industry will rise between 2020-30. There might also be more financial incentives.

Job-Related Tasks for IT Managers

IT managers must complete operational management, project management, and technical IT skills.

An IT manager must also secure data and systems from potential leaks or hacks. The IT manager will also provide direction to the junior staff and IT techs.

IT managers will combine tech and communication skills. Some people prefer an operational role and keep things well-organized. You can also look into a strategic position where you analyze the technology.

You could enhance the business’s mission or help analyze the organizational data.

Some other titles include Data Processing Manager, Computing Services Director, or Information Systems Director.

IT management positions must prioritize learning about the latest methods, practices, and solutions. They need to run information technology operations.

Some people will prefer to work for an managed IT services company.

Competitive Salaries to Other Tech Jobs

IT manager salaries are pretty competitive with the other tech roles. Cybersecurity and software engineers make large salaries after getting lots of experience.

IT managers will do better than some management roles like a project coordinators.

How Much Does an It Manager Make?

Consider whether you would like to work as an IT consultant or freelancer. Did you get the answer to, “How much does an IT manager make?”

You might prefer to work for a business as their IT manager. Understanding how much an IT manager will help guide you through the job hunting process.

You are taking continuing education classes to improve your job prospects and salary.

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