How Did The Hippie Movement Influence Fashion?

The so-called hippies were young people who resolutely opposed capitalist consumerism, conservative customs and being used as cannon fodder in an absurd war. It was certainly not all because of the war. Conservative values that condemned premarital sex, promoted racism and demeaned those who engaged in homosexual relations had a lot to do with it. It should be noted that although it was a relatively short movement, it was very intense and had a great impact on the political and social culture.

However, the focus here will be on fashion, and the question is: how did the hippie movement influence fashion? Both sexes tended to wear their hair long, and some Caucasian hippies wore their hair in an Afro style, imitating African Americans. One way to break with existing social patterns was something as simple as wearing pants whatever you wanted, on the hips, making the person look disheveled. But look at exactly what garments implied being part of this social group and, up to this present day, they remain in the fashion industry.


Obviously, one of the most well-known ways in which the hippie movement influenced fashion and set a whole trend were the handkerchiefs. Little by little, fashion companies have been emerging with catalogs on their websites and social networks, of garments and outfits based on the hippie style, where they present photographs of dresses, skirts, pants, blouses, vests, as well as accessories that give the special touch to the look, such as handkerchiefs.

Recently, the new concept of “Hippie Chic” or “Boho Style” has appeared, which mixes other styles with the original hippie style. These hippie handkerchiefs are very versatile! They serve their purpose for multiple scenarios: from going to work to a meeting with friends or simply for your leisure time.

Crop Tops

Another option that came into fashion is this garment in different designs, silhouettes, and fabrics: crochet, knitted feathers and cotton. Crop tops are a part of this style! The crop top differs mainly from the top in that its cut is above the navel line. Therefore, it is a more sexy, daring garment.

Bucket Hat

Wearing a bucket hat is another way hippies influenced today’s fashion. Over the years, this flared model was revamped to become a must-have fashion accessory of the 80s and 90s, especially for the rap community such as LL Cool J and Beyoncé’s husband Jay-Z.

Thanks to its versatility, renowned designers such as Miuccia Prada and the late Karl Lagerfeld have kept this hat in the spotlight by adapting it to their style and to the fashion trends of the moment. One of the best qualities of this type of hats is that depending on their design, they can be reversible!

Floral Print

Its soft and earthy colors and its floral fabrics or natural elements give off the tranquility and delicacy of the hippies in the 60s. Blouses with floral prints or thick fabrics are used for this style. Most of the garments were made by themselves, and they did not lack details in the form of floral prints and symbologies that referred to peace and flowers.

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It wouldn’t be a true list of hippie fashion trends without mentioning this characteristic element. There are garments that provide a sensory experience and the fringes are one of them! Its movement conveys a sense of freedom and transports you to hippies’ time. The famous vests are used to complement this style, but not leaving behind the flared pants, which are a classic of the era.