How artificial intelligence is impacting the gambling and casino industry

There is no doubt that technology has had a positive impact on the gambling and casino industry. The most obvious is bringing casinos to the people through the development of mobile casino apps and allowing access to online casinos. One branch of technology, artificial intelligence, while still undergoing improvements and change,s has also significantly affected the casino industry.

What is Artificial intelligence?

Artificial intelligence is a broad field in computer science that is working to help build smart machines by teaching computers cognitive skills. Cognitive skills like reasoning, reading, learning, and remembering things help humans perform their day-to-day activities. By teaching machines, cognitive skills help them perform human-like activities like sorting through information and answering questions while learning to improve in the future.

How has artificial intelligence affected the casino industry?

Artificial intelligence (AI) has positively impacted different aspects of the casino, from customer service to security. The rest of the sections will elaborate on its impact in these different aspects.

1. Cybersecurity

AI has helped improve casinos’ cybersecurity. Cybersecurity refers to how safe internet and computer users are from malicious attacks or the practice of defending users from such attacks. According to UpGuard, the cost of data breaches worldwide is expected to reach $6 trillion in 2021. This is double the cost of breaches in 2015. Security breaches lead to the compromise of users’ personal identifying information, which can lead to loss of data and money.

Casinos are aware that users are afraid of giving away their information to casinos they suspect do not have stringent security measures to protect their data. This is a strong enough motivation for casinos to use the best technology has to offer to protect their customers.

How does AI improve cybersecurity?

Some ways AI helps improve cybersecurity include;

  1. Detecting anomalies and attacks to the system faster than human cybersecurity personnel could.
  2. AI can scan a casino’s security systems for vulnerabilities and inform the casino so they can take steps to mitigate them.
  3. Help improve password protection and authentication, for example, by allowing users to sign in using facial recognition software.
  4. Behavioral analytics involves studying the behavioral patterns of users. When AI detects unusual behavioral patterns, it can lock the user out and report to the casino. Additionally, it can also detect changes in the user’s  IP locations, which also counts as unusual behavior.

2. Improve customer service

There are many benefits of improving customer service, the most important being that it improves customer retention. Statistics suggest about 70% of users are willing to continue making purchases with a company that offers good customer service.  Customers want to be sure that they can ask you anything anytime and receive timely responses.

How does AI improve customer service?

AI improves customer service by;

  1. AI-powered chatbots help casinos handle some of their customers’ basic questions so that their human customer agents have more time to deal with other customers more complex ones.
  2. AI-powered chatbots can identify relevant information in the casinos’ knowledge bases and guide customers to these resources. This helps users to solve their problems without having to wait for an agent to help them.
  3. Thanks to AI-aided customer automated methods, casinos can handle more customers with the same number of customer care agents. This means that casinos have more room to expand and meet more clients without hiring too many agents.

3. Improve casino’s marketing regards.

There are some marketing techniques that casinos have used to attract customers in the past. For example, by advertising bonuses like PlayCroco Casino bonuses, a casino can attract more clients. Yet, not all marketing efforts are successful. That is why more casinos are opting to use user-targeted marketing rather than general marketing.

What is user-targeted marketing?

User-targeted marketing refers to sending tailored ads to users who have expressed interest in the products before. If you have ever searched for something on the internet and then later received ads in line with your search, you have experienced user-targeted ads. Traditionally, marketers used to send blanket ads to everybody and hope that they will reach an interested audience. Now, they can send fewer ads to people who already have an interest.

Benefits of user-targeted ads.

There are several benefits of user-targeted marketing, but some key advantages are;

  1. Lower marketing costs – Because the ads are sent to specific audiences rather than the entire population, casinos can spend much less on their marketing campaigns than before
  2. Target specific audience – Targeted ads are sent to specific audiences rather than everyone, which helps you attract the right type of clients.
  3. Have higher conversion rates – Conversion refers to the number of people who click on your ads who later sign up for your service. Since you target clients specifically who have shown interest in your product or are part of the client persona you wish to attract, you increase your conversion rates significantly.
  4. Help improve your service offering – When creating customer personas, you get better insight into what they might want from you. Using this information, you can improve your service delivery which can help attract even more clients.


Artificial intelligence has come a long way since its inception. These applications of AI in the casino industry are just the beginning of what it can do. One can only wait to see how AI will continue to improve the casino and gambling industry in the future