Garage Storage Solutions to Consider in 2023

Living with clutter can negatively impact your mental health by increasing your stress levels and making it more difficult to focus.

While most people will make an effort to keep their homes tidy, one area that can easily fall into disarray is your garage. Gardening tools, sports equipment, and many other bits and pieces can all end up scattered around this space, making it hard to find anything when you need it.

If you’re ready to solve this problem, you’ll be glad to hear there are 8 excellent garage storage solutions that you can use in 2023.

Keep reading to find out what they are.

Garage Wall Rack

One of the best home improvement tips for your garage is to clear as much floor space as possible. While it may be convenient to leave items lying in the corners of your garage, this can take up a lot of surface area that you could use for other things.

But if you have a garage wall rack, you can hang tools such as saws and hammers on it after use. Although a wall rack is a convenient storage area, you need to take into account that accidents do happen, and tools may fall onto your garage floor.

To protect your floor, you can use a high-quality concrete floor coating, and it’s a good idea to read about the benefits before purchasing a product.

Pallet Storage Rack

Pallets are a brilliant storage option if you have large or heavy items in your garage. Pallets are robust, and you can place them at floor level, or on support racks on your walls.

Rather than having pallets that look untidy, you can paint them to match the decor in your garage. This can be a great way to remove more cumbersome items from your garage floor.

Vertical Garage Bins

Instead of wasting vertical space in your garage, you can buy vertical garage bins to make the most of this area. These receptacles can hold trash or you could use them to store smaller items that you need easy access to regularly.

The bins simply pull outwards, making it easy to empty the trash or retrieve tools. However, remember that you may not want your vertical bin rack to be too tall, as this could make it difficult, or even dangerous, to pull out the receptacles.

Overhead Ceiling Rack

If you’re making garage upgrades, adding an overhead ceiling rack can massively increase your storage space. You can choose to have one large rack that can accommodate most of your tools and equipment, or you may prefer to place several smaller racks around your ceiling.

When deciding whether to use a ceiling rack, you’ll want to be sure your roof is strong enough to support the extra weight. If you’re unsure, it’s best to call a professional who can give you expert advice.

Garage Storage Tubes

It can look untidy if you have long-handled tools such as garden rakes and spades lying around your garage. These items may also have sharp edges that could cause injury if you were to bump into them accidentally.

This is when garage storage tubes can be useful. You can place your tools in the tubes, keeping them out of harm’s way. If you add lids to your tubes, you can also prevent moisture and dirt from entering the storage compartments.

Plastic Garage Drawer Set

Plastic is a durable material for a garage storage solution. While metal drawers are more robust, they can be heavy and suffer from rust. In contrast, plastic will not get damaged by dampness, and it won’t scrape your tools.

You can choose the required size of drawers, maneuver them into position on your garage floor, and have a handy place to keep your belongings.

Wall-Mounted Shelves

When carrying out a garage remodel, you may want to leave room for wall-mounted shelves. This can be a superb space-saving choice that makes it easy to see where all your tools are located.

As long as the shelves are securely fixed to the wall, they could hold heavy items such as paint tins and power drills. Your shelving will also be out of the way, giving you more floor space in the middle of your garage.

Standalone Hooks

You might find that not everything fits neatly onto a shelf or into a drawer. For example, you might have overalls that you use when gardening or when working on your car. Or, you could have hats, gloves, and scarves that are kept in the garage.

In these scenarios, it can be helpful to have standalone hooks on your walls. You can keep your clothing within easy reach of the door, and you may find it convenient to hang your wet clothes up to dry on your garage hooks after use.

This can be a straightforward way to keep your garage in order while still having storage space for your clothing.

Choose Your Favorite Garage Storage Solutions

You have plenty of options when it comes to garage storage solutions. Not only can you save space by using wall-mounted shelves and vertical bins, but you can also store large items in storage tubes. Should you have smaller items in your garage, you can keep them on standalone hooks or a wall rack.

With a bit of organization, you could transform your garage into a clean and tidy space!

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