For gamer MateBook 14 is best

Are you trying to find a laptop, computer that will handle your gaming needs? MateBook fourteen is that an excellent device for gamers. It’s an Associate in Nursing NVIDIA GeForce MX150 graphics card with 2GB of GDDR5 memory. This suggests it’s quite capable of handling all of your favorite games. You’ll be able to even play some titles at 1080p resolution and 60fps! Its 144Hz show makes everything look sleek and crisp. You can be tension-free about that charging. Its charging is the best for gaming. If you are doing ought to recharge whereas enjoying, simply introduce the USB Type-C charger – it charges up super quick. Thus you don’t miss any action! Finally, its sleek style can ensure everybody is aware of however serious you’re concerning gambling once they see it sitting on your table reception or work.

Why MateBook 14 is the best for gaming

MateBook fourteen uses supposed “pop-out” elements. It means hardware like computer hardware, GPU, SSD and RAM don’t seem to be simply upgradable. A user must dismantle the full portable computer to access these elements. This can be inconveniently attributable to the inconvenience throughout the dismantlement and refabrication of elements.

Although this portable computer appearance is super minimalistic and sleek, it will lack some ports that you just may want once victimization it as a diversion portable computer. As an example, it doesn’t go along with an Ethernet network port that is important for all of you who are trying to find a portable computer to boost diversion.

You can connect the MateBook fourteen to your Xbox via USB Type-C cable however that solely works on Windows ten S mode, not the regular Windows ten professional version. This suggests you can’t use Xbox Live or the other games that need a subscription.One of the largest complaints from users is concerning its touchpad. Some say it’s too little and stiff, whereas others complain concerning not having the ability to displace on that enough as a result of it doesn’t click.

This is not very a problem since you’ll continuously use a mouse or connect your favorite diversion controller. However, it’s one thing to stay in mind before creating your final purchase call. Though MateBook fourteen has some flaws like deficient communication ports and a low-quality trackpad, it will still be thought-about collectively of the simplest diversion laptops.

We can say that this portable computer is sweet for diversion as a result of its associate degree NVIDIA GeForce MX150 graphics card that allows you to play all of your favorite games fully HD or maybe 1080p resolution at 60fps.

MateBook 14 is one of the simplest laptops you’ll obtain for diversion. It’s a strong NVIDIA GeForce MX150 graphics card, a 144Hz show, and up to sixteen hours of battery life. It’s super sleek that makes everybody assume that it’s not a diversion portable computer after they see the device on your table.

Last words

The game is the best entertainment of our life. But sometimes we fall into hesitation about which one we will buy. But the answer is clear matebook 14 is best for gamers. For order or any question, you can go to website.