Everything You Need to Know About E-liquid

A few years ago, a new way of smoking has been created : the electronic cigarettes. This new type of cigarettes was born in order to put less damage on the body and as a way to stop smoking in general. An e-cigarette will produce vapor instead of smoke. With that product, you will have a choice regarding the amount of nicotine that you want to put inside and it will be possible for you to gradually reduce it. Even now, a lot of people are unaware of the specifics concerning electronic cigarettes. If you’re in that case, this article is made for you!

Definition of e-liquid

An eliquid is a substance used in electronic cigarette which contains different flavors and nicotine. The amount of nicotine put in the eliquid depends on your preferences and you will be able to gradually diminish it if necessary. Generally speaking, the e-liquid will offer you a certain amount of nicotine, chosen according to your taste, without the horrible taste of a cigarette and any deadly toxins or smell. E-liquid is also called vape juice, e-juice or vape liquid : even if the names are different, it refers to the same thing.

How does it work ?

An e-cigarette is composed of a tank on top of a battery as well as a coil within the tank. To start vaping, you will have to add vape liquid to the tank. The liquid will then start to soak the coil. At that point, anytime you fire up the battery, the liquid will be heated and turn into vapor. After that, you will inhale the vapor that was created. The vapor doesn’t linger in the air. After you breath it out, it will only stay a few seconds and then disappear, unlike the smoke of cigarettes that can stay for days on your clothes and for hours in a closed room. Each e-liquid will come in different ratio.

Type of e-liquid

1, VG Based Juices

This juice is a thicker liquid that is vaped at higher temperature and start at round 60% VG. Most of the time, only lower nicotine strengths are available for this type. This type of liquid will create thick and big clouds of vapor.

2. PG vape liquids

Most of the time, this time of liquid is used by people who want to stop smoking gradually. This type will start at 70% PG and will offer a higher level of nicotine than usual. PG vape liquids are designed to simulate a similar feeling of smoking. It’s a thinner type of liquid that will be vaped at a lower temperature.

3. Short fill e-liquids

Short fills are not containing any amount of nicotine. Space is left on purpose and it will be your choice to decide on the amount of nicotine that you want to add to it, thanks to nicotine shot. This bottle will not be sold with more than 10 ml and help to get around specific regulations concerning e-cigarettes.

4. 0/50 vape juices

With this type of liquid, you will have 50% VG and 50% PG. As such, the eliquid will produce more vapor than a normal PG liquid, is full of flavor and has an adequate throat it (not too much , but not too small).