Everything about the Hot Drop Jackpots that you should know

If you are a slot game lover and looking for the newest and most unique prizes, then the Hot drop jackpot is here for you. Hot drop jackpot is a fairly new concept, but it is not too strange for those who love online casino games, it is a prize set up for players to get the most accurate information about time and money, the amount of bonus they can achieve in a given region. Hot drop jackpots appear, making players’ chances of winning increase hour by hour and day by day. Now that it is available on most of the most famous online casino websites and apps, you can easily find out about Hot Drop Jackpots at Ignition, which is reputable and trusted online betting site that is loved by a lot of players. So what great things can the Hot drop jackpot bring you? Let the article below provide information for you.

What can you expect from the Hot drop jackpot?

Jackpot prizes always attract the attention of many players, especially slot games because these are games with very simple rules and gameplay, not only that, this is a game that is calculated by machines. The odds of winning the jackpot between the dealer and the player are equal. Since the Hot drop jackpot appeared, this award has caused a great change in online casino enthusiasts because it possesses an extremely favorable prize structure and creates the most optimal conditions for players.

Hot drop jackpot is a public prize for players to know and can seize the opportunity to win. Up to a specific time or when the amount has reached a specific value, the Hot drop jackpot will appear or signal to the player to know and seize the chance to win. Unlike other prizes, the Hot drop jackpot specifies a specific time for players to bet and accurately calculates the prize draw time. Although the prizes of slot games are many, the number of winners is very small, so the operators have created the Hot drop jackpot as a way to keep players with them longer and increase the value and frequency of the award.

Popular Hot Drop Jackpot Types

Super Jackpot

This is the biggest of all the jackpot prizes you can get. However, this type of jackpot will only progress to a certain extent and it will tend to decrease as it reaches that level. The certain amount will usually be $250,000 and it will gradually decrease if there is still no winner, usually, a Super jackpot will appear every 4 to 5 days.

Hourly Jackpot and Daily Jackpot

Prizes that appear with more frequency will of course be of less value. This prize is not different from the Super jackpot, the only difference is only time. Most players will have to pay special attention to time and pressure to win. For the Hourly jackpot àn Daily jackpot, the prize will appear hourly or daily and alert you when it reaches a certain level.


Hot drop jackpot always ensures that you can win within a certain period, it will make players feel more excitement and thrill when playing when they know the price is very close to them. Particularly for Hourly Jackpot, it will bring more chances to win, and the breakeven rate when playing slot games with this prize also increases.

The hot drop jackpot is a very interesting prize and favors players, thanks to it, slot games will always be the first choice of casino lovers.