Escape From Tarkov Tips and Tricks, Level the Playing Field

Escape from Tarkov is a brilliant shooter game set in the fictional Norvinnsk region. As per the scenario, a war occurs between two military firms. As per the game’s setting, the players face different challenges to escape the city.

The game is tricky, requiring the players to be on their toes while facing different hassles. There is practically little or no information for players who need to learn more about the game settings.

However, some tips and tricks and escape from tarkov hacks can lend a helping hand to such players who are just beginning to play.

Practical Tips and Tricks for Escape From Tarkov Game

Here are some tips experts mentioned to get an ace in the Escape from Tarkov game.

1. Make Your Moves Carefully

As per experts, how you make your moves as a player completes all the differences in the game. One can judge the results of many gunfights while looking at the actions made by players.

Though speed plays an imperative role in the game, with a proper strategy, this speed is useful. Once you make a move, it should be with a motive or a goal. Either you move towards the escape zone or get a drop, always do it with a strategy in hand.

2. Do Not Be Afraid of Losing Your Gear

Escape from Tarkov is renowned for posing the same difficulty level for experienced and beginner players. Thus, players need to be cautious about their game strategy and keep a few essential aspects in mind.

One such aspect is the fear of losing one’s gear. Remember, in this game, you will get ample opportunities to win and load up your equipment. Thus, getting new equipment and losing it midway is part and parcel of the war.

Thus, pay little attention to the fact that you keep losing your gear while moving up the game.

3. Optimize Your Stash Wisely

As the game requires you to stash some objects, it automatically increases the need for possessing a storage space. Now, the game’s standard edition only offers a stash of 10X28 cells which can be quite less for the purpose.

Thus, experts advise you to optimize your stash wisely to stack more and more objects. For example, you can fold your weapons to save some space by placing your mouse on the weapons and center-clicking it. In addition, you can also have some space storing accessories on your weapons.

4. Learn Those Maps

Learning maps goes a long way in increasing your survival chances in the game. However, learning so many maps may seem like it could be easier. Thus, it is advisable to start learning one map at a time.

Though new players get an urge to jump in and start hunting, it is always better to get accustomed to maps. This learning needs to continue till the time you can navigate easily without consulting a map out of the game.

You can make use of the offline raid feature and disable any AI spawns to navigate through different maps without the fear of losing. Experts say every player should know at least the significant landmarks on a map.

5. Nighttime Raids are Your Best Bet

If you desire to be left alone in the game, you need to know about nighttime raids. Though many players wish to avoid these, experts term these as the best alone time for players.

Since players can be easily seen with flashlights and it’s actually difficult to see in the dark, players find these raids challenging. However, nighttime raids are quieter and give you time to look around for as much loot as possible.

However, avoiding cult members during these nighttime raids is also better. These cult members possess ample gear, have accumulated good health, and move around silently; thus, avoiding them is the best bet.

Final Words

Escape from Tarkov can be quite rough from time to time. Only well-versed players with essential points can survive for the longest time in the game. Thus, it becomes necessary to take the help of specific tips and tricks mentioned by different experts. These tips help in acing the moves and assist the players in moving ahead without any fear. Happy gaming!