Did you know that USA Today and People Magazine Once had TV shows?

In almost every coming-of-age film is a scene that depicts a family’s usual morning. This would frequently involve a young newspaper delivery boy, riding on his red, secondhand bike across town and neatly tucking in the mailboxes a fresh, crisp copy of today’s newspaper. Then it would shift across another scene where on the mother’s table is a copy of magazines that will teach you how to do parenting and what cookie recipes are the best.

Newspapers, magazines, and tabloids have been a central part of every modern family. From being kept up-to-date, being informed about stocks, and finding out the latest rumor about that audacious celebrity, these three have given the masses all the information they need to make a morning interesting.

But did you know that two of USA’s finest in this market have actually stepped across the borders, from fine pages to the technicolor Television Screen? These two are no other than USA Today, America’s internationally distributed middle-market newspaper, and People Magazine, the popular favorite of many households for its human-interest stories.

In the world of fast-paced, advancing technology, some experts would argue that we are nearing the end of using newspapers and entering the dawn of widespread, paperless information dissemination. So, it may come to no surprise that USA Today and People Magazine had booked in their names to be one of those big names with a TV Show.

USA Today

In 1987, Gannett, the owner of USA Today, ad CEO Grant Tinker developed a news magazine series to bring USA Today’s signature breezy style to television. Formerly titled “USA Today: The Television Show,” it was shortened to “USA Today on TV” and then simplified into “USA Today.”

The show premiered on September 12, 1988, and was produced by the GTG East production company. From Edie Mangus to Robin Young to Bill Macatee, US Today had known icons as their correspondents.

The show was divided into four “sections,” just like the different parts of the newspaper. There was News, Money, Sports, and Life. The first mentioned focused on the major headlines while Money detailed on Financial News, Stocks, and Consumer Reports. Sports, by its name, would entail sports news and game scores, while Life would hit the spotlight on lifestyle and entertainment.

However, the show had low ratings, negative reviews, and an undesirable timeslot for some markets. Because of these setbacks, the show had a mid-season cancellation in 1989. USA Today aired for one and a half-season, and its final edition was broadcasted on January 7, 1990.

The news on USA Today’s TV Show circulated more than twenty years ago, which can be put in the past. Meanwhile, another buzz people can look forward to and its People Magazine’s new television series, “People (the Show!).”

People Magazine

People Magazine will take what it does best to cable networks and television screens by bringing out its human-interest stories in People (the Show!). Exclusive interview, beauty, style, entertainment news, and so much more would be featured in the coming daily syndicated half-hour television show, with Meredith Stations.

Bruce Gersh, the president of People, Four M Studios, and Entertainment Weekly, has remarked, “People is a cultural force, and this is a natural extension of one of the most trusted brands in media. The Meredith Local Media Group has been an incredible partner, and we are thrilled to bring premium programming to local audiences and People consumers around the country.”

Many are thrilled and expect this TV show to be a success as they mirror it to People Now Weekend’s performance, People Magazine’s 30-minute show that airs every weekend. There’s no need to worry for those fond of People Now Weekend, as this show will continue to air even after the daily show will be broadcasted.

The latest news has revealed Kay Adams and Lawrence K. Jackson as their co-hosts. The former is an American television personality and an experiences sports newscaster. She’s the face of Morning Football from the NFL Network since 2016. Lawrence K. Jackson is a famous journalist, content creator, and public speaker. He has been the anchor of NBC’s digital show, “Stay Tuned.”