Crucial Unknown Facts You Need to Know about Human Evolution

The evolution process of humans is not only lengthy but also full of mysteries. The process through which humans transformed from their apelike ancestors is known as human evolution. Scientists have conducted numerous types of research regarding human evolution. The reports from scientific research stated behavioral as well as physical traits by all people from their apelike ancestors. The evolution process took around six million years. 

In this article, we will discuss some unknown facts about human evolution. Make sure you read this article to the end to know more. 

Humans Didn’t Evolve from the Ancestral Apes 

Contrary to the popular belief that mankind emerged from the apes, the Homo sapiens, or the modern humans didn’t go through the evolvement process directly from the apes. As per Live Science, Homo sapiens are highly intelligent primate. However, humans used to share a common ancestor. 

The evolutionary path of mankind diverged from the gorillas and chimpanzees around six million years ago. Even though the human DNA is 90% identical to the apes, they can be considered distant cousins, but not an ancestor. 

The Evolution Theory of Darwin Wasn’t 100% Correct 

Darwin is one of the most popular researchers in the world, thanks to his theory of evolution. However, in the Origin of Species book, Charles Darwin wasn’t right about everything and he also stated some unsubstantiated pieces of information regarding human evolution. In the last chapters of the book, Charles Darwin stated that the sense of smell was either lesser or greater in different types of racial groups. He also stated that the average brain matter of a man is greater than that of a woman. These claims are not only vague but also not proven. 

Humans are Evolutionary Leftovers 

Evolution was undoubtedly an extremely slow process. Sometimes, some specific things stuck around for ages until they are crafted with a purpose. These are known as leftovers or vestigial traits, which can also be found among mankind. The appendix, which used to help in the digestion process for our distant ancestors, has become defunct in the human body. This is why you won’t notice the visible presence of an appendix in mankind as evolution has changed many things. 

On the other hand, many primates have sharp teeth or wisdom teeth so that they can chew and eat food. However, if you look at human beings, the human teeth are not only crowded but our jaw is also smaller. But sometimes evolution also helped with the vestigial organs. The tailbone or coccyx, which was considered a balancing part of the human body, is now being used as an anchor for the muscles. 

Humans are Still Evolving 

This is one of the most important facts you need to know about human evolution. Human beings are still adapting to the different aspects of the world and scientists have proved that human genes are also going through the evolution process. For instance, many people are becoming lactose intolerant whereas, many people need milk to maintain proper functionality. 


These are the unknown facts you needed to know about human evolution. Make sure you let us know if you have any questions.