Creative New Year’s Resolutions for the Entire Family

As the calendar turns to a new year, it’s a great time for your family to band together to create a set of group resolutions you can accomplish as a team. It’s a lot harder to give up on a goal when you don’t go it alone, so making collective resolutions can motivate everyone in your brood to stick with them. Whether you invest in electric bikes for adults for some neighborhood family rides or add a weekly farmer’s market run for fresh produce to your calendars, here are some creative family resolutions for the new year.

Get Outdoors

Getting more fresh air, sunshine, and exercise is a great goal to tackle together. Taking a daily group walk or bike ride can be an excellent way to tick all three boxes. You can motivate yourself by investing in a new womens hybrid bike so you and your brood can ride on either pavement or trails. Resolving to spend more time hiking or riding in nature is a commitment that can quickly turn into a fun daily habit that no one wants to give up.


Even when the weather outside is a bit too frightful for outdoor fun, there is still plenty you can do together as a family that doesn’t involve bingeing a TV show or being glued to a gaming console. Resolve to connect with each other rather than with your devices by spending time reading, playing board games, doing puzzles, or just chatting. Simply put your cell phones down and find fun ways to engage with each other.

Eat Better

Healthy eating habits usually begin in the home, but with family members all having different tastes it can be hard to create nutritious meals that everyone will enjoy. Start by resolving to shop at farmer’s markets to add more fruits and vegetables to your diets, not only by incorporating them into meals but also by stocking your kitchen with these healthy snacks. If fresh, local produce is always on hand, it can be easier for everyone to stick to a healthy-eating resolution.

Fix Up the House

If you’ve been in your home for a few years, there are probably some things that need refreshing. Why not make it a family resolution to tackle one house project a month? If you spend one month repainting, another month deep-cleaning the flooring, another month sprucing up the garden, and so on, then by the end of the year you’ll have made a huge impact. Almost any project has tasks that can be performed by kids, so both young and old can participate in the updates.

Creating New Year’s resolutions that you can work on as a family is a great way to bond and to accomplish goals. If getting outdoors is at the top of your resolution list, then check online for the perfect ladies bike to get you rolling. Regardless of what you choose to do, spending time with each other as a family is one resolution you can all enjoy keeping.