Chrome Running Slowly and Draining Battery on Mac Issue – What To Do?

Chrome is a resource-heavy browser. In fact, when you use Chrome you can have battery draining issues. Sometimes even Chrome itself can slow down, which is an issue you need to solve. These tips and ideas shown below can be the right solution!

Use a Mac cleanup tool

You can use the Mac cleanup tool here or any other tool, the idea is to try and eliminate any unwanted, temporary or unused files. These Mac cleaning tools are great because they take care of everything. They won’t delete random files that might affect your Mac, instead they address those issues and enhance your computer usage experience.

Remove hardware acceleration

If your Mac doesn’t have a lot of resources, you may want to remove hardware acceleration. You can do that via Settings/System and then sliding hardware acceleration off. It’s very important to do this since it will make Chrome load faster.

See if there are any heavy memory consumers

Sometimes, your Mac is draining battery and runs slowly due to heavy consumers. It’s very important to check the task manager and see what apps consume a lot of memory. Close or at least restart those, then see if it makes a difference. Some apps automatically consume more resources the more you keep them on, so refreshing or restarting them can help a lot.

Page prefetch

Loading website files faster is always a great pick. Enter Chrome Settings, Privacy and Security. Here you can choose Cookies and site data, then turn Preload pages on. A prefetch loading system can speed up sites you use often, without requiring many Chrome resources.

Close some tabs

Chrome eats up a lot of battery and memory when you have lots of tabs open. Most of us don’t need a lot of tabs open and we just forget about them. It’s a good idea to go through all the tabs, then you can start closing some of them.

Update your system and Chrome

Sometimes, your problems stem from a lack of updates. Chrome tends to do automatic updates anyway. You can also enter the System Settings to see if there are updates. Those can solve any security problems, so it’s an exceptional idea to take them into account.

Do a smart restart

A smart restart requires you to write “chrome://restart” in the address bar. How does it differ from a regular restart? Unlike that one, it keeps your tabs open and doesn’t close Chrome. It might be a good idea if you were using Chrome for hours without closing it.


All these ideas are a great option if you see that your Chrome runs slowly and you want to solve any issues. It’s never easy to try and solve Chrome problems, but these tips can help quite a bit. If you encounter problems like a draining battery or Chrome running slowly, then closing some tabs might actually come in handy. It’s an exceptional idea to consider, especially if you want a professional approach towards the process!