Bonuses in online casino

Bonuses – money that casino with no account provides free of charge to registered users as a reward. Each gambling portal has individual conditions for their receipt and wagering. The main task of bonuses is to attract new users to the site and maintain interest in the game among regular visitors. It is worth noting that the player cannot withdraw the money issued as a reward from the account until they are fully wagered according to the conditions of the wager. You can check out if you want to learn more about online casinos, how they operate, how to check if they are legit, and the many prizes you can win by betting online.

The main types of incentives

In modern online casinos, a wide variety of bonuses are available. Since each institution practices its own ways of attracting and encouraging players, it is difficult to develop a single classification of incentives. Before looking for an online casino and betting, you should get acquainted with the most common types of bonuses that are most often used on gambling sites. With the help of this knowledge, it will be possible to choose the most suitable site for the game.

List of bonuses provided on gambling sites:

  • Incentives that do not involve depositing money into the account;
  • Incentives that oblige the player to deposit money into the account;
  • Bonuses for regular players;
  • Cashback.

Getting a bonus in an online casino can be as simple as possible for almost any visitor to a trusted gambling online platform such as yukon casino. For example, sometimes it is enough to open a gaming account. Sometimes you need to perform more complex actions in the form of a certain number of bets. In any case, one basic rule almost always applies – you cannot withdraw a cash virtual bonus, you can only receive money won with it. It is also worth remembering that registration on the gambling portal is available to adults.

Incentives that do not involve depositing money into the account

This type of bonus is the most attractive for users, since no deposit is required to receive it. Such incentives are needed so that players strive to open an account on the game portal. The advantage of this type of bonus is that the client who decides to use it does not risk his own funds. To win back such a promotion, the player will have to fulfill the conditions of the wager.

Incentives that oblige the player to deposit money into the account

Typically, such a bonus is accrued upon the first replenishment of the account or making subsequent deposits. It can be either a fixed amount or a certain percentage of the payment made. Before betting, you should familiarize yourself with the conditions for receiving and wagering the bonus. Usually they are in the information section on the official website of the casino. This type of bonus issued by first deposit bonus uk usually has a lower wager and loyal game conditions.

Bonuses for regular players

Each online casino in its own way encourages regular and most active users. Regular bonuses can be available to them, which are paid monthly, quarterly, weekly. Also often provided are individual rewards on a birthday, for referring a friend, participating in tournaments and promotions organized by the casino. Additionally, bonuses can be awarded for a certain number of bets. All customers are dear to the owners of gambling sites, so they do their best to encourage them.


This type of bonus is more often used by young online casinos to develop a client base. These establishments offer to compensate for a possible loss through a special promotion that allows you to return some of the money spent on bets. The value of this bonus often ranges from 5 to 25% of the lost funds for a certain period. This promotion is very beneficial for the player. After all, in addition to winning, he receives a refund of part of his funds spent in the casino.

Rules for receiving and wagering the bonus

As you already understood, in order to receive bonus money, the player must perform certain actions, for example, register, make a deposit, invite a friend, or fulfill other conditions of the online casino. The main rule that must be met in order to become the owner of the promotion is wagering. Wager is a value that determines the amount of the total amount of bets, after which the bonus will be considered wagered.

For each stock, this value can be individual. The total amount of bets means the total amount of money that the player has bet during the entire game, and it does not matter at all how many bets he won or lost. In order to freely withdraw wagered funds from the account in the future, it is necessary to carefully study the conditions for receiving and the requirements that are mandatory for the visitor to the gambling site.


The article discusses the most common bonuses that can be found in most online casinos. It is always worth remembering that playing on a gambling portal using promotion is a profitable way to play. Bonuses are a unique incentive that extends the game and helps the player to try to win more. To get the maximum benefit when using bonuses, you need to regularly monitor the emergence of interesting offers in various online casinos.