Benefits and Guide in Upgrading to an Electric Violin

Listening to the sound of musical instruments is not only therapeutic but also very entertaining. This is the major reason why many people are highly interested in playing instruments like the violin. However, somewhere along the way, playing the classical violin can become boring. That’s why some violinists explore the violin’s electric counterpart. Whether you are just a beginner or a professional violinist, you might not be aware of how beneficial it is for you to consider upgrading from classical to electric violin. There are many things that you might be missing and you will surely enjoy them once you start upgrading your violin to an electric one.

Benefits in Upgrading from Classical to Electric Violin

If you are planning to upgrade your violin instrument, here are the benefits that you can enjoy once you start upgrading from classical to an electric violin:

You can transform the sound of your violin

Although this is disregarded most of the time by the players of violin instruments, transforming the sound of your electric violin with effects is one of the most creative advantages that you will enjoy in an electric violin. You can apply various effects to the sound of your violins such as reverb, distortion, and delay. These helpful effects will surely allow you to bring effective nuances to your sound.

You can avoid having feedback when playing

In most acoustic instruments, feedback is always one of the most annoying problems that may occur when you want to amplify the sound of the instrument. With electric violins, the sound no longer passes through an external microphone so there is no way for feedback to occur.

You can learn to play the instrument silently at home

The electric violin does not have a sound box so this means that it cannot produce any sound without amplification. You can use headphones and an amplifier to help you learn easily without causing too much sound and without disturbing other people.

Guide in Transitioning to Electric Violin

Before you upgrade your instrument from a classical one to an electric one, here is the ultimate guide that you have to bear in mind in transitioning to an electric violin:

  1. There are different types of the electric violin. There are silent electric violins that are designed for practicing in silence. There are also performance electric violins that are designed for performing on stage. Moreover, there are acoustic electric violins that are designed for performing on the spot, even without using any speakers or amplifiers to plug into. Choosing the best electric violin for you all depends on your preferences.
  2. There are some important qualities of a good electric violin. First, you have to make sure that the instrument has a great sound quality. Second, the electric violin must be very comfortable to play. Third, electric violins that are well crafted will surely be intuitive to play.
  3. There are multiple electric violins that are available out there in the market. They all vary in terms of prices. There are cheap ones and there are highly expensive ones. Make sure to be wise in purchasing your electric violin.

Key takeaways

Knowing how beneficial it is for people to consider upgrading from classical violins to electric violins, it is not surprising why they end up choosing electric violins instead. If you are still undecided whether you are to upgrade or not, remember that you have endless reasons for it. The aforementioned benefits are only some of the countless advantages that you can enjoy. If you have already decided to upgrade, keep in mind all of the tips in transitioning to the electric violin that is mentioned here. They are your ultimate guide in upgrading your violin instrument to an electric one.