A Beginner’s Guide to Electric Guitars

Did you know that around 72 million Americans play the guitar?

While there are many types of guitars around, the sound of the electric guitar has been the voice of a musical generation and continues to be one of the most popular instruments in the world.

If you’re interested in channeling your creativity and learning a new skill, the electric guitar could be an excellent option for you. But with so much to learn, the whole process can be a little confusing.

That’s why we’ve put together this beginners guide. Read on for everything you need to know about electric guitars. 

What is an Electric Guitar?

An electric guitar is a stringed instrument with a solid body that uses a pickup to convert string vibrations into electrical signals and make them louder with an amplifier.

Electric guitars have featured in almost all of the greatest hits of the last 50 years, and they span many genres. However, the electric guitar is probably most synonymous with rock, pop, and punk music.

The main purpose of an electric guitar is to make the instrument’s audio output loud enough to be heard during performances. The converted electrical signals can also be manipulated using distortion, reverb, and other live effects. This alters the sound and tone of the instrument.

Many people choose to learn using an electric guitar – you don’t need any experience to get started.

Buying a Guitar

Buying your first electric guitar can be daunting. Between endless music shops and online marketplaces, it can seem impossible to make an informed choice without doing some of your own research.

Let’s take a look at the two main electric guitar options:

Solid-Bodied Electric Guitars

This is the most common type of electric guitar. They are formed from a solid piece of polished, tonal wood. Some solid-bodied guitars have acrylic or metallic coatings.

There are many different solid guitar designs to choose from, so we recommend you take some time to browse this shop for electric guitars.

Semi-Acoustic Guitars

Semi-acoustic or hollow-bodied guitars have an empty cavity inside them which allows the vibrations to resonate. Once connected to an amplifier, this gives the instrument a warmer, richer sound.

Learning Electric Guitar

If you want to learn the fundamentals of electric guitars, we recommend booking a few lessons with a qualified electric guitar teacher. They’ll help you get a feel for the instrument and show you how to get a great sound out of it.

You can also find hours of free video lessons online with a simple google search.

Remember – be patient, practice daily, and you’ll soon see your skills progress.

Electric Guitars Explained

So, that’s our rundown of the electric guitar. It’s a versatile and popular instrument that’s fun and rewarding to learn.

Whether you’re just looking for a new hobby or you’re just curious about electric guitars, we hope this guide has helped to set you on the right track and answered your questions.

If so, check out the rest of our blog for more killer content.