6 Signs You Should Visit a Sex Therapist

Despite what many believe, sex therapy is similar to any other type of counseling. It is a session you have with a sex counselor, psychologist, or psychiatrist, to help you through any sexual dysfunction or intimate issues. Even couples who feel okay experiencing their best life in the bedroom can learn something in sex therapy. Visiting a sex therapist will help you know how to balance sexual needs. The ‘ I ‘ and the ‘ we’ in a relationship are both vital. The reason is most couples or partners do not have a clue about such issues. Before your erotic relationship goes haywire, have a few sessions with a sex therapist. Below are signs you and your partner need to have a sit-down with a sex therapist.

1. You stopped having sex with your partner 

Today, sexless marriage is more common than you may think. 15% of marriages are sexless. What is worse is the more apart you stay without having sex with your spouse, the more challenging it gets to get back on it. It is commonly due to the Westermarck effect. Where you live in the same house with someone, and you are not hooking up, so your brain starts to register them as a “sibling.” For this reason, if you are experiencing a sexless relationship, do something about it, and seeing a sex therapist is a good option.

2. You are in couples therapy, but your sex life is bad

You are in couples therapy, but your sex life is bad

You and your spouse are seeing a marriage therapist to make your marriage better. It may be getting better and improving, but nothing is happening between the sheets. You even have to rely on the sex pill for women to get arousal, and still, it does not work. What could be the problem? Unfortunately, communicating well as a couple does not mean having good sex. It is best to visit a sex therapist, for they will ask you different kinds of questions, unlike a marriage therapist. Visit a sex therapist to figure out what is going wrong in bed.

3. Feeling relief when your partner is too tired for sex 

It is an issue if you start secretly feeling relieved your partner does not want sex or is too tired. Being glad when sex is off the table or you are seeking to avoid it is a quick way to cut yourself off from intimacy with your partner, which has an outcome that extends past the bedroom. Sometimes, avoidance is subtle. For instance, waiting for your partner to fall asleep to go to bed, not wearing anything sexy to bed. This type of avoidance will turn you off and make any sexual problem worse.

4. You are in individual therapy, but it is not improving your sex life

You are in individual therapy, but it is not improving your sex life

Most people think seeing an individual therapist will solve all their issues. However, the therapist you visit may not be able to help people deal with sexual problems. A therapist will only help you deal with psychological pain that involves therapy. Sex therapy is different, as your sexual mind does not understand suffering and pain. All it is familiar with is how to have a good time. Therefore, if your therapy is not helping with your sex problem, consult a sex therapist who can.

5. Avoiding sex due to fear

If you are both fighting after the act and the sex is sub-par, it is not an experience any of you will be eager to try again. When you are anxious, it mostly leads to avoidance. However, avoidance will worsen anxiety, and most people are not familiar with this fact. Then it becomes a vicious cycle. Thus, to break this cycle, have a sit down with a sex therapist for your problem.

6. You have self-esteem issues because of sex 

You have self-esteem issues because of sex

If your partner is no longer attracted to you, is refusing sex, and for some reason, you cannot master the excitement for yourself, all of it will affect how you view yourself as an individual. Unfortunately, sex issues can make you feel bad about yourself generally, affecting your self-esteem. Hence, it is no surprise sexuality affects the deepest parts of who we are.