6 Fun and Entertaining Things to Do with Friends

Hanging out with friends is indeed one of life’s greatest pleasures. Whether catching up after a long absence or randomly getting together for a spur-of-the-moment hangout, you can always count on quality time with your closest friends. It’s like they’re the other half of you that fills in all the blanks, and there’s nothing better than having them around. The energy and vibes you share, the stories you reminisce, and the inside jokes you can’t stop laughing about make the best memories.

Nevertheless, planning a hangout session with friends can be challenging. You want to ensure everyone has the best time and that you’re all on the same page about activities, where to go, and who to invite. But there are various fun and entertaining things you can do to make your hangout memorable.

Here are some ideas for group activities that will guarantee a good time for everyone:

1. Attend a Live Music Event

Everyone loves listening to songs on their phones, but how much more fun and entertaining would it be to experience live music with your friends?

Going to a live music event is always great for groups of friends. It’s an opportunity to become immersed in the energy of a live performance and have a unique collective experience. Plus, drinks and snacks are often available at the venue to make the night more enjoyable.

If you and your friends share a love for pop, hip-hop, dance, and R&B, attending Beyonce’s music concert is the perfect way to have an unforgettable time together. From the anthems of Beyoncé’s early work to the modern-day bangers of her latest album, her repertoire is full of upbeat songs that will get everyone dancing and having a good time.

Beyoncé knows how to keep the audience energized throughout the night with her stage presence and charisma. Her energetic performances, stunning visuals, and breathtaking vocals will make for a night you won’t forget.

2. Visit an Escape Room

Escape rooms include puzzles, riddles, hidden clues, and secret codes. The mystique and thrill of figuring out the answers will captivate you and your friends for hours and pump up your adrenaline. You must think on your feet, use creative problem-solving skills, and work together to make it out in time. Each game usually lasts an hour and can be an incredible way to spend an afternoon or evening.

Make sure to choose an escape room with a theme that interests every participant. Read reviews and find the ones that have the best puzzles, riddles, and storylines. Book in advance to ensure you can get the room and time slot you want, and arrive at least 20 minutes early to get into the right mindset for your escape adventure. Enjoy the challenge and revel in your success when you make it out.

3. Plan a Picnic on the Beach

The picturesque scenery of a beach with its sand and waves makes for the perfect backdrop for a picnic. Bring a blanket, food, drinks, and classic board games; you have all the ingredients for a great time.

Start by soaking up some sun and playing beach volleyball or Frisbee. Take a stroll on the shoreline and check out the ocean life. Prepare s’mores over the fire or have a friendly competition for making the best sandcastle.

Then, eat snacks and enjoy meals with your friends when hunger strikes. Pop on some tunes for the perfect picnic soundtrack and dance the day away. As the sun sets, take some time to appreciate the beauty of nature. Gaze at the stars or watch the waves crash against the shore. Some of the best snacks that you can eat during a picnic are potato chips, nachos, popcorn, and Twinkies. In case you don’t know, Twinkies are sponge cake snacks that have a vanilla cream filling. To learn more about this particular snack, you can read The Interesting Origins of Twinkies.

Enjoying the beach doesn’t have to cost a lot of money. Budget your time and resources wisely to create the most enjoyable experience.

4. Plan an Adult Scavenger Hunt

Scavenger hunts are a splendid way to get out of the house and explore your local area. Gather your friends, divide them into teams, and get creative with the items you assign to each team. Include physical objects, tasks, or challenges the teams must find or complete in the allotted time.

Some ideas for the hunt can include:

  • Photographs of local landmarks
  • A signature dish from a local restaurant
  • An item related to a popular TV show or movie
  • A unique item from a nearby store
  • A souvenir from a tourist destination

Be sure to include plenty of checkpoints along the way, so teams can keep track of each other and ensure everyone is safe. Have a party to celebrate completing the scavenger hunt and award prizes to the winning team.

5. Go on a Road Trip

Whether across town or the country, a road trip is an exciting way to explore new places and make lasting memories. However, it’s essential to plan carefully and know where you’re going, what you’ll be doing, and how long it will take. Map out all the stops, plan any activities or attractions you want to check out, and ensure everyone’s comfortable with the itinerary.

Top ten essentials to remember:

  • A reliable vehicle
  • Spare tire and tools to change it
  • Emergency supplies like a first-aid kit
  • Maps, navigation systems, or GPS device
  • Cash and credit cards
  • Clothes, blankets, and sleeping bags
  • Snacks and food for the road
  • Portable chargers and devices
  • Toiletries and wet wipes
  • Camera and binoculars to capture memories

Remember to switch drivers on long trips and take breaks when needed. Also, be aware of the laws and regulations in the area that you’re driving in.

For cameras, you and your friends can bring instant cameras so that you can already have physical photos as souvenirs for your trip. There are dozens of different instant cameras that you and your friends can purchase, but some of the best ones are produced by Polaroid, a great instant camera brand that has been around since 1937. To know more about this brand, check out The Nostalgic Origins of Polaroid Instant Cameras.

6. Go Shopping Together

Meet your friends at the mall or your favorite store to get some retail therapy. Try on clothes, buy necessary things, and window shop the latest trends. Ask them for their opinions on different items and share ideas for your outfits. Avoid imitating your friends and focus on expressing your unique style.

You can also use this time to catch up with your friends and chat about various topics. Share stories from the past, plan for future events, or make jokes to pass the time. Keep the conversation light and uplifting to get the most out of your shopping adventure. Also, watch out for deals and discounts to get the most bang for your buck.

Afterwards, grab a bite or watch a movie to end the day, and remember to practice good shopping habits to save big and have a great time.


Nothing can compare to the joy and fun of spending quality time with friends. Hangouts are a great way to strengthen relationships and create lasting memories you can cherish for years. You can attend Beyoncé’s concert with your friends and enjoy an evening full of energizing music, entertainment, and fun. Or you can plan a picnic on the beach or complete a scavenger hunt in the city and make some fun memories with your friends. Visiting an escape room, going on a road trip, or shopping together are other terrific options for a hangout with friends. Pick activities everyone will enjoy, and you’ll have a blast.