5 Things a Proper Mister Would Do Every Sunday

It’s a Sunday and you don’t know what to do. Even if you start wondering “what to do on boring Sundays” from the early morning, you’ll often have no answers by 8 pm, right?

So, to help you organise your weekend more productively, here are what successful men do on a Sunday.

Brush off the Previous Week

Here are some things you can start doing in the morning. We suggest cleaning out the mess that’s been cluttering throughout the week. The clean-up concerns a few things, from dusting out your inbox to throwing out what you don’t need.

Firstly, make a good brew early on a Sunday to kick it off as productively as you can. While sipping on your favourite hot beverage, scroll up and down your email inbox. Can some of those messages be deleted? Are you ever going to need them?

Cleaning out our virtual spaces gives men a sense of organisation and more control.

Similarly, you can follow the email cleanse up by sorting out your personal belongings. For example, you can throw away receipts from your wallet and discard the empty chewing gum packet.

What’s more, we’d take it even so far as to clear up your desk, even if you don’t work from home. Psychologically, we get a powerful impact from observing a well-organised working space.

Finally, face the music and arrange your suits in your wardrobe. How long has it been since you last systematise your clothes arrangement? As a grown, mature guy, you want your closet like your life – sorted out and good-looking.

Plan & Prepare for the Next Week

While you’re still feeling energised from that amazing coffee you made – well done, you! – why not grab your journal and create a couple of to-do lists?

However, make sure you don’t have too many items on your to-do lists. Namely, overcrowding your plans for the week can be counterproductive – you’ll end up sidetracking.

Instead, jot down concise directions for the week and organise them by priority.

Prioritising tasks in our lives drives success, and all productive men apply prioritising in their work and personal lives.

If you’re the diary kind of guy, see what meetings you might have the following days. See if there’s anything you could prepare in advance so you’re more relaxed when the meeting needs to be held.

Flick through the pages for any reminders that you might have forgotten about. If you prefer having a mobile reminder, check out organising apps for smartphones.

Face Your Problems & Solve Them

A Sunday is a perfect day to reflect and look at one’s life from a different perspective. There might be some work-related issues or quarrels with the family that need resolving. Look into yourself and see if something’s been bothering you subconsciously.

Psychologists suggest writing down such problems helps us face them in a mature way. Any professional and productive gentleman knows how to handle his problems. A true mister is aware that he needs to unload his burden.

So, put on a paper whatever’s been heavy on your mind. Think of at least a couple of solutions for each issue. Think of creative ways to approach the matter. Make yourself a better person by working on your problem-solving skills. This soft skill will also reflect on your professional and social life.

Loll Back and Relax

Now, it is time to take a breather. By now, it’s probably afternoon and you’ve had your signature dish. What you need is a comfortable armchair and to kick up your heels. While at it, why wouldn’t you play at the same time?

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Sweat It out

Finally, you’ve survived another Sunday and you made it count. It’s been probably been the most productive Sunday of your life. How about you stepped it up a notch by sneaking in a quick workout session?

It doesn’t matter if you regularly go to the gym; warming up enhances our sleep and helps us wake up rested. So, grab your pair of dumbbells and do a couple of sets of your favourite workouts.

For a stronger bicep, we’d recommend powerful hammer curls. Or, if you want to work on your latissimus dorsi muscles (lats), lie down and perform a dumbbell pullover. Also, dumbbell rolls will help your build that perfect back every gent wants!