5 Marketing Jobs That Are Perfect for Students

With the growing influence of social media and significant changes in marketing techniques, there is a high demand for new marketing specialists. No wonder many people choose to study marketing and advertising for their uni education degree. However, you must remember that to get a good job, you need to do more than just study.

It is important to seek job opportunities as early as your later year in your Bachelor’s to get the necessary experience and practical skills for your future career. Luckily there are many options for a student to consider when looking for their first job in the marketing field. Here are five career options you can follow on your first try as a marketing specialist.

Admissions Representative

The easiest way for a student to get a job is to seek an opening for an admissions representative at their uni. Notably, there is a large competition for such a job, so you’d need a good cover letter to increase your chances. Do not hesitate to order one at essay service and secure a further interview. It is a great chance to combine your work with your studies.

As a student, the most challenging task is to align your studies’ schedule with your working hours. And working at your university will make this task much easier. Plus, working in a familiar environment is much less stressful than adjusting to a new space and people. You can even consider this job as a long-term option after graduation.

However, even if you want to look for something else, there are plenty of benefits of this job for future development. Being an admissions representative, you’d learn how to represent the product to the target audience, how marketing strategy and campaign for the admissions work, and delve into branding.


If you are not a fan of working for your university, turning to copywrite is a great option for a student. First, a copywriter’s position doesn’t require physical presence in the office. And that would be much easier to adjust to your studies than an internship in the company. It is a great way to step into the marketing field with entry-level skills.

This job is also perfect for students who would like to try out the digital marketing field and do not know where to start. Copywriting is a beginner-friendly option, where you can learn how to pitch a product and make it attractive to the customer with only your words. It is also a great field to learn how algorithms work and branch out to different digital marketing jobs.

Notably, being a copywriter is a job that is suitable for students who are not even studying marketing. Since it requires good writing skills in the first place, it is a great way to get into the marketing field and learn the necessary skills by yourself.


Marketing Assistant

Another great way to learn vital skills for your future career is learning from the specialists themselves. Thus, seeking a marketing assistant position is a great way to have guidance for your start in the marketing field and build up your skills and experience to become a specialist. This is an excellent option for students who’d like to secure a job after uni.

However, you’d need to show a significant level of commitment to land a job as a marketing assistant in a company. Make sure that you understand what you want to do with it and how you see your future. Practice answering such questions about:

  • the company you’re applying to
  • why have you chosen to apply
  • what can you give as a candidate with little no to little experience
  • the real-life examples of you dealing with issues and criticism

Take your job interviews seriously and understand that it will take a lot of time to get this job.

Sales Representative

One of the main tasks of any marketing team is to enhance sales. Hence, marketing majors are suitable for the sales representative job. They have knowledge about how to make a pitch for a product appealing to a target audience and win new clients. Thus, it is a viable career option to learn new skills and move forward in the marketing field in the future.

This job is perfect for outgoing personalities who are not afraid to talk to people and are willing to work on changing people’s minds with the most amicable approach. However, it is also a great option for people with analytical perspectives who have strong, convincing skills due to being objective and appealing to logic and facts.

Media Assistant

For analytically driven people, a media planner is an even better career opportunity. The job requires knowing how to analyze consumer groups. And, thus, understand what media platforms would be the most effective for the company’s product. Of course, you would not be hired as a media planner without any previous experience.

However, there is always a way to reach this position, starting from the role of media assistant and learning practical skills and applying your existing knowledge on the matter. You’d need to shift your perspective on media as a potential marketing space and train yourself to analyze it critically.

This position is perfect for students who excel academically and want to apply the same accuracy and organization to their job. It would require you to be in control and always on the lookout for new strategies. So it is a great way to apply your need for control and intensity. And it is also an excellent way to land a long-term job with great prospects for the future.

Wrapping Up

And here you have it. There are plenty of opportunities for students in the marketing field due to its rapid growth and changes. Consider looking for an admissions representative job in your uni, a copywriter for stepping into the marketing field, a marketing assistant to learn from specialists, a sales representative, and a media planner.