5 Ideas to Make Your Instagram Stand Out

Getting the Most From Instagram

Instagram is free, but it can do a lot for your life if you use it right. If you’re running a business, Instagram (or “IG” as it’s commonly abbreviated) can be a prime vector for marketing. If you’re not marketing with IG, you can also use it to help spread information about things like your art career. Check out this account by renown artist Akiane.

For a professional account, you’ll find Akiane does an excellent job showcasing her work and brand.

Also, she doesn’t waste time with unnecessary social media static; you’ll see she only follows accounts she needs to, and uses her own to continuously increase the visibility of her work. Her IG account stands out, and following her example can help yours do the same.

With that in mind, following we’ll briefly explore five other ways you can maximize IG engagement without having to spend anything except your time in doing so. We also recommend you give your clients access to your products and services through a clickable version of your Instagram feed.

1. Keep an Eye on What’s Trending

Different sorts of posts will trend at intervals based on what people are watching online. Some posts tend to trend around Christmas, others around the Fourth of July. Changes in the seasons also invite a variety of posts.

Winter, spring, summer, and fall all have their atmospheric shifts, and these are commonly celebrated on social media platforms like IG.

2. Don’t Neglect Meme Magic

To meme, or not to meme? What a question! Here’s the thing—memes are almost always going to enhance the visibility of your account.

However, if you’re not careful, memes can come to dominate the things you produce on this social media outlet. Don’t shy away from memes, but be careful—some can have a political edge that may work against you.

That said, the “spicier” the meme, the more engagement it’s likely to produce. However, if your meme has too much ideological “hot sauce” on it, IG moderators are going to restrict your account. So there’s a tradeoff to consider.

Still, everybody loves a good laugh, and a “dank” or “spicy” meme tends to be one of the best ways of getting that laugh online.

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3. Use the Best Hashtags

Another method of making your IG account stand out amidst the millions of profiles out there is to use photography hashtag recommendations from Facetune. Hashtag trends shift based on the seasonal segues outlined earlier, as well as in accordance to other things. Consider political changes, consider trending films, books, or songs.

The things people are interested in tend to be reflected by varying social media companies.

So work with companies that understand what hashtags are trending, and keep your fingers on the pulse of trending pop culture to know what people are talking about, why, and how you might bring your own account into the conversation in an organic way.

4. Video and Pictures Together

IG makes it possible for you to post images, pictures, paintings, memes, and video. Use all these avenues of expression to maximize your account, and assure it stands out above the rest. Variety, like spice, is pleasing to the individual ingesting content. Homogeneity, while it has its place, does not stand out.

5. Going Live at Regular Intervals

When you go live, that sends the message that people need to tune in or miss out on what you’re doing. Unlike television, people can “go live” on IG any time they like. This makes a “live” video something that demands more attention.

After all, once it goes live, it might not show up again anywhere else, and viewing it might only be possible in real time.

An Account That Is Naturally More Engaging

Go live at intervals, don’t only use pictures on IG; also incorporate videos, assure the best hashtags accompany each photo or video you post, play around with memes as appropriate, and understand what’s trending. Altogether, proper application of these tips should enhance the visibility of your IG account.

This is the tip of the iceberg on associated best practices; play around a little and find which sorts of engagement best fit the sort of profile you have, and the things you’re looking to communicate through Instagram.