5 Best Hacks to Hide Your Belly Bulge

A big belly can sometimes affect your self-confidence, making you think that you won’t look good at all. And some clothes are deemed unwearable because they can further accentuate the distended stomach.

But you don’t have to worry because we have curated the best fashion tips for you to ensure that you can hide your belly properly. Thus you can still be fashionable no matter what your body size is.

1. Say No to tight clothing

If you don’t want your distended stomach to be clearly visible and on display, then you should avoid wearing clothes that are too tight. To help create a silhouette of your body and thus make it appear slimmer, you should choose clothes that have detailed layers and not fall straight from top to bottom. For the color, it is better if you wear a darker color or soft color for your clothing rather than neon or bright color ones.

2. Clothing with vertical stripes motif

It is no secret that vertical stripes as a motif for your clothes, can create eye illusions and make everyone who wears them look slimmer. But one more secret to note is to never wear clothing with stripes that are too big. Big vertical lines will instead make the body appear wider.

3. Wear dresses

Dress with a trapezoidal and not too tight cutting, can be your ultimate go-to fashion wear! The trapezoidal dress has a slightly tight design at the top and widens at the skirt. Choose a dress with a slightly higher cut so that your distended stomach can be covered by the wide skirt.

4. High-waist pants

High-waist straight pants can also be the mainstay for you. It won’t only look good on people with slimmer figures, but it will also work on you! Pants with a high waist cut can be used to hide and press down your stomach, thus your stomach will look flatter. It can definitely help to enhance your confidence!

One thing to note when you wear high waist pants, you should never mix and match high waist pants with a big belt! When you wear a big belt over your belly, you will make the main focus of people’s eyes fixed on your stomach. It is a big no no for people who are insecure about their belly!

5. Oversize cardigans

If you want to wear tighter clothes or any other fashion items that can accentuate your belly, you can still do so without having to worry about it, by wearing an oversize cardigan. An oversize cardigan is the best-kept-secret that can help you improve self-confidence while wearing clothes that can show your belly.

One thing you should remember is to choose any cardigan or outer that has a long cut. At least, make sure that the outer length is longer than the stomach area!

Here you go, the best tips to ensure your big belly can no longer be a problem when you play dress up! Aside from all of the best tips we have curated above, trying to improve your self-confidence should also be your top priority. When you are confident with your own body, you will be comfortable and look good on any clothing you wear!

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