4 Awesome Facts About Solar Panel Technology

Did you know that the sun sends roughly 430 quintillion energy units every hour?

Yes, you read that right. The sun sends more joules of energy in one hour than the world consumes in an entire year.

So, why aren’t more people switching to solar panel technology to power their homes? Well, the slow uptake could be because people don’t understand the technology.

If you’re one of them, you’ve come to the right place. We’ll look at some exciting facts about solar panels that most people don’t know.

Let’s get started!

1. Panels Contain Photovoltaic Cells

There’s more to a solar panel than what you see on people’s roofs. Panels contain cells, often made of silicon, that convert sunlight into electricity.

Solar panel science is quite interesting when you get to know about it. The cells create an electric field that allows electricity generation.

Then, the electricity flows into a conductive wire and enters the inverter. The inverter converts direct current into alternating current to make it usable. After this, the alternating current flows into a breaker box, powering your home.

Depending on your area’s sunlight access, your panels can collect too much or too little power. If they collect too much, it flows back into the electrical grid and credits your meter.

If too little, you’ll pull electricity from the grid, debiting your meter. In this case, you’ll get an electricity bill unless your panels generate excess energy.

2. Solar Panels Can Provide Constant Power

People assume that homes with solar panels don’t have electricity at night, but this isn’t the case. Home solar panels don’t produce power at night, but you’ll still have electricity.

How? You can opt for net metering or invest in a solar battery bank. Net metering is only possible if you’re using an on-grid solar system. The excess power generated flows into your electrical grid, supplying electricity at night.

A solar battery bank is storage for when your solar panels produce excess energy. Like your electrical grid, it’ll supply power to your home when your panels are inactive. This is the best storage solution for homes with off-grid systems.

3. Solar Panel Technology Isn’t Expensive

People who’ve never used solar power assume that it’s expensive. However, this isn’t the case since initial installation costs have drastically reduced.

Solar companies are also willing to offer various payment options. Talk to solar providers near you to identify the best payment option for you.

Either option is cost-efficient since you never have to worry about electricity bills. Can you imagine never having to pay for electricity ever again?  HomeEnergyClub mentioned that for homeowners who prioritize the convenience of accessing renewable energy without the upfront costs and maintenance associated with solar panel installation, exploring options like finding an electric company specializing in renewable energy can be a beneficial alternative.

4. Solar Power Can Fly an Airplane

Yes, solar technology is that powerful. The benefits of solar panels span beyond residential use.

This technology powers vehicles, trains, and even airplanes. Bertrand Piccard showed the world anything is possible by flying his solar-powered plane around the globe.

Solar Panel Technology Is the Future

Solar panel technology continues to revolutionize the energy sector. However, not everyone understands how this technology works. Luckily, you now do.

Solar technology is so powerful that it can power an airplane. And the best part about it is that it’s cost-efficient, so anyone can start using it.

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