3 Style Tips Every Man Should Know

Stereotypically, it is thought that most men tend to care about fashion less than the average woman might. Of course, this isn’t always true – sometimes it is the men that take the lead when it comes to the latest trends. There is no shame in being disinterested in fashion, just like there is no shame in being passionate about and committed to fashion. Whatever your opinions on fashion may be, here are a few style tips that every man should know.

Which Brands to Go For

One key piece of information that every man should know when choosing his clothes are which brands you should go for. While everyone may have their own opinions on what looks good and what doesn’t, there are some brands that are both timeless and adaptable to suit every fashion sense. So, these are without doubt the best ones to go for when you are investing in some staple pieces for your wardrobe.

For example, Burberry clothing is an amazing and classic designer which has been in fashion for over a hundred years, yet is still at the forefront of style. Take a look through the extensive range of men’s Burberry clothing for sale at SSENSE for a bit of inspiration on how to style yourself in a classy yet not too over the top way.

How to Accessorize

Another aspect of men’s style which is sometimes neglected is the accessories. Accessories truly make all the difference and can be added to a fairly plain outfit to spice it up a little. Great accessories that every man should invest in begin with getting a good watch. Not only are watches a practical accessory which will benefit you in everyday life, they also look really classy if you find a nice one. Think about whether you want a classic looking analog watch, or whether you want a more futuristic looking digital one. This may depend on whether you are looking for a bit of bling or whether you want your watch for other purposes too, such as exercise.

You may also consider wearing a calculator watch if you want to make quick calculations that you may need for work. If you want to know more about this particular accessory, you can check out The Fascinating History of Calculator Watches.

The Importance of Color Coordination

Color coordination is a pretty easy thing to do to make you look much more put together. A simple way to do this is to figure out what clashes, and avoid this at all costs. Having really nice individual items can become useless if you don’t pair them well, so when you are investing in new clothes, you should think about whether you have anything to pair them with as well as whether you like the clothing.

Stand out from the crowd and take pride in what you wear with the above tips. No matter what your style type – whether it be vintage inspired, monochrome or really colorful, the main thing that will be noticed by others is the effort that you put into your outfits. Putting a bit of planning time into what you wear will both increase your self-confidence as well as turn heads – everyone will be blown away by the commitment you show to fashion.